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Mike’s Corner– Little Known Facts About Your Health..

Did you know that low back pain, a common problem worldwide, is often referred pain from somewhere else on the body? As a matter of fact it is rarely a problem with the back. Usually it is coming as a result of the Occipital bone being out. Because the Occipital bone is part of the skull, most chiropractors cannot adjust it. However there are 2 herbs that have a frequency that will cause to go back into place very quickly!





The ” Ice Cream Man” & ” ” The Landscapers”

Last  week I introduced  you to the two primary types of stalkers. Although they can be very scary and spooky -most of the time those stalkers are in it for their own unkown thrills and they usually run away as fast as possible when spotted, with a bizarre smile or giggle noticesble. The behavior of these two stalkers indicates it’s a high probability their functioning level is that of a six to eight greater.

Today’s overview will be on the third and fourth type of stalkers. I call  them the ice cream man and the landscapers -although any profession can be apply.  The difference between these two stalkers and the first two are primarily that they have an intense plan in their minds on what they would like to do , and follow through with . Their intent is not  just to scare somebody. The downside to their plan is usually getting so imvolved  in visualizing how things wil go – they forget to keep their act up.

The irony here is that while in the beginning they could pass as a  professional or just a common man getting an ice cream cone, when they fall into their own trap of getting so intensely involved in visualizing their crime- they become a standout and are easily noticed because of their own behavior. In this case this man is clearly frozen in his thoughts.

You might notice with the ice cream man that at some point the  cone stops looking  like a snack.  It clearly represents something else now. It could be just me but whenever you see somebody eating an ice cream cone and it causes you to be disturbed after a few minutes -there’s a problem.

These  stalkers are usually highly intelligent even hold professional positions and also concurrently might be being treated for serious mental health issues such as psychosis or the like. They are very apathetic and on a side note oftentimes will communicate with themselves using  ittle grunts or code words imitate ticks or other little noises that they make to themselves. ..

The main point today is If you spot somebody that appears to be doing a normal daily function but it’s frozen and that function and seems to be dead set on some other thing going on around them you need to check that out and take a quick look over what’s going on. These people are serious and they will not be afraid to risk their careers or families in order to accomplish their goals. The friendly landscaper will cut you up like another day at the office.

If you encounter one of these men at any  time,  do not attempt to apprehend them or talk to them. Contact your local authorities immediately.

That’s all for today in our new Stalker Series .


Who Am I- When Im Not Making Sure My Label Is Getting Its Publicity? 

When I worked in the alternative school settings one of the first things that troubled me -was when I introduced myself to the first 40 or 50 kids that I would be working with . 

In order to get to me -they were  expelled from high school (public) then also expelled from the next level alternative education program. What shocked me the most was not their attitude or the way they spoke or how they dressed.

It was  how they introduced themselves. Without fail at some point in the introductions on our one-on-one greeting with me,  the youth would include their  “label” or diagnosis from psychiatrist. 

For example – me ” Hi,  my name is Mr. P.” – most times they would begin with  “I’m Ryan I have intermittent explosive disorder” . 

Of course the younger kids couldn’t pronounce their diagnoses or didn’t really remember what it was,  but it was clear that they all had assumed the label assigned to them. They had allowed a space in tbeir God given  identity  to be occupied by a man made identity –  what another human being ( in a position of authority) had stamped them with. 

As the kids got more educated and what that label meant with the requirements were too be given that diagnosis and label they begin to fulfill the prophecy of the label they were given. I believe that there’s only a few reasons why. The first reason is that they were already in position of vulnerability.

It’s no different for us adults today regardless of our environment. Everyday in the feeds on WordPress  you see people constantly referring to their PTSD or Bi- Polar as almost a badge of honor.

The interesting part is most of the time when I go back and look at their name of their blog or what they do -they might be an artist or a poet or somebody involved in sports but completely  unrelated to their diagnosis. What do they choose to bring up and talk about ? Those are man -made, man- given labels.. So in order to test yourself  and find out who YOU believe you are, and just how much of your identity you have sold off to the devil – so to speak..

I will ask you this question and you have five words to answer. Number one two three four five and you’d put one word at each number.

Name the five things that describe who you are the best. One word each and remember now- if you find yourself struggling to decide whether you should put a positive attribute like I’m a nurse or I’m a carpenter- because you’re thinking well I’m depressed person or I have PTSD be assured that you have allowed your identity space to be sold out.

The good news is if you can take that back. You can only allow certain amount of time and effort to be dedicated to that. The most successful programs I have ever run and as far as I know that anybody has ever run in any area of mental health -addictions or behavioral health are those that absolutely focus on the skills and strengths of the person. Only when necessary do they pull out the “negatives ” or the weaknesses. Our society tends to highlight the weaknesses and we want to highlight it because it was on Dr. Phil , and in some cases we get rewarded socially for doing that. But the rewards are short term and short lived. So when you take this little 5 question quiz and if you had any trouble naming  five positive or even neutral attributes,  then you should re-think where you got that label and how to cut it off . 

Just a thought for today because they tell me I’ve always been a problem solver due to my ADHD.

 I don’t know. I think Im getting senile. I just saw Dr. Oz talking how about what vegetables help with that..I will tune in next time



Listen To An Audio Update From TJ …

Take a few minutes and listen to what is happening at DLMK!

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TJ- Audio Greeting & Update

Breaking News -Missing Link Spotted Outside San Francisco Club..

San Francisco CA..-

Word has it that the controversial Missing Link was actually spotted just outside of San Francisco transexual club  acting  erotic  and erratic.  

A guest at the club said that he and his new found friend ” Link ”  had a lengthy conversation in which Link said he has spent much of the last decade in the USA..

During the  conversation he purportedly announced he would be identifying soon as a sheep  – and running for office declaring as a democratic liberal..

My First ” LIKE ” as a Blogger….Other Than The Birth Of My Children… 

I remember it like it was just yesterday. The notification for sets highest volume possible my favorite tune. Just pacing back and forth each day waiting for that one one sound that would indicate my career and my skills as a writer were on track with what I thought. But when that moment came….oh yeah… as I recall I think I had the doorbell to the house set up to ring twice if I got a like. Maybe 2 weeks had passed before it happened, but it was worth every sleepless night..

Lets face it,  once you been liked you never forget. You never forget your first like- its the old  bicycle thing …

Mike’s Corner- Little Known Facts About Health!

                               The “Acid Reflux “Hoax


Did you know that there is really no such thing as acid reflux?  That is just a name given to symptoms so that doctors can justify prescribing a drug to treat it.  The cause is always the same, i.e., a hiatal hernia.  It can be fixed in minutes if you know how.

For more information on this, please contact me at your convenience.

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