(America’s) David Getting On With The Business Of Our Country As Goliath Slowly Bleeds Out..




“Goliath mocked David and said that he was not afraid of a little boy. David said that the Philistine came with a sword, shield and spear, but David came with confidence in the God of Israel. David boldly replied that he had no fear of Goliath and that the birds would be picking the flesh off his giant body by the end of the day

David let fly the stone in his sling. The stone hit the giant between the eyes and the stone sunk into his forehead. Goliath fell forward while both armies watched. David then pulled the giant sword from its sheath and chopped off the head of the Philistine champion.

1 Samuel 17



Whether or not you are Christian is not the point here. I shared this as an example of a person who seemingly was facing sure defeat and humiliation, yet for some reason he had the inside information needed to ignore the odds. Not only that but he actually used the evil man”s own weapon to kill him.

This can be used as a symbolic tool for all of us as I am sure we all have or are facing some ” giants ” in our lives. Disease, grief or whatever it may be, we all have them. However what separates from us from David is that at the very least we do have access to some type of reference book or manual as to how some have had victory over what we are facing.

Whether or not you are a Trump supporter matters not here. Many people from all angles have spoken up at some point during the campaign process stating this very thing-the odds are against Trump.  Now that he has beaten the odds-what next?

Seems he has been making very fast progress at undoing any dangerous traps and laws signed off on by Obama. Many times with no support,  except his worn out executive pen..

In todays news, Trump calls for an investigation into the Clintons and possible ties to Russia. Click the link-

Time to uncover the mud of the slingers…



The above article is just one of hundreds of examples of serious wrong doing . The liberals will for sure downplay and attempt to discredit this and the next 50 or so examples as they are exposed by Trump. Even with that said, the party cannot  continue this forever and at some point even the most liberal lefty will pick up his ball and go home. That is not really a victory in my eyes, as it would be nice if this country was full of TRUTH seekers, not TRUMP haters.

I must admit that even as a firm supporter of most of what President Trump stands for and opposed to what Obama stands for –  I am surprised at the turn around time in which this administration has been able to accomplish what they have. As it was in the story of David and Goliath- Trump’s  “giant”  in this past election was still running smack even at the actual moment that battle would begin.

So confident,  that no mental preparation or halt of attacks were noticed att least that we are aware of.   Just” jacking their  jaw” as they say . with no evidence, proof or truth to most of it. No matter what side you are on, it’s just not possible to deny that most of the talk was projection.  Martin Sheen criticizing Trumps parenting? Seriously ?  How embarrassing for him. Maybe he was partying with Charlie and made a poor judgement call while high on crack.

I know first hand that can be very difficult to sweep up the broken glass of another. I  give Trump much credit for not giving in to the outpouring of vitriolic  hate speech and pressure from the groups that swore they would kill themselves or move out of the country if Trump won.

How though ? How does a human stand the pressure of the entire  national (liberal) media?

Personally,  there are days when I don’t feel up to looking the checkout girl at the grocery in the eye while checking out…Even on my best days I don’t know that I could keep my temper in check with the ugly accusations and even personal attacks on his minor child and family.

I believe the answer is simple. He was aware of hos battles. He knew the truth and ugliness that we are just starting to be allowed to see about the Obama charade. He came into battle much like David, and knew enough that no matter the spin of the media, or silly attempts to sling that truth would prevail. It is prevailing as we are daily seeing incredible progress make major improvements in many areas.

Sharia law banned – now publicly and not tucked under any rug. The 78 million tax dollars Obama paid an advertising group during the election to bombard the country with false claims . The counter- terrorism action that Trump has and is taking to protect us, which Obama decided to call ” random acts of violence”..The list is endless and it only started just months ago!

The point here is we are not out of the woods yet. No matter how much irrefutable evidence is presented– as we know both Obama and Hillary are not in prison and are living free unlike anyone in the general public would be. So we are now in the stage of clear evidence of overwhelming significance with 100% proof of crimes.

The above clip is just one of hundreds of examples of serious wrong doing- allegedly. The liberals will for sure downplay and attempt to discredit this and the next 50 or so examples as they are exposed by Trump.

The supporters of Hillary and Obama have decided not to acknowledge it but to find loopholes, or cite any number of excuses why it is all fake. Not only that but giving publicity to thug rappers who are ” joking”  in videos about  ASASSINATING our President.. I don’t know about you but those words have always meant possible prison time as I was growing up. Now the liberals put them on Saturday Night Live..

I believe we are at the stage now when a president is capable after cleaning house of corrupted officials to order the cameras to stay on indefinetly. We are seeing an influx of terrible accusations about Obama, Hillary and many who were associated. Of course their suporters are pretending its all manufactured by Trump.

Common sense tells you that Trump does not need  to manufacture anything. He is the President ladies and gentleman.

All he is doing and will continue to do is expose what has already been in existance for 8 years and fix the mess.

If you disregard every word I have written here please look with your own eyes at the closing example that things are far from they appear and from what the media likes to say..


Lately since David ( Trump ) has smashed Goliath in the mouth, there has been a weak effort by the few stragglers in the liberal media who refuse to give in to truth. They have decided not only to deny the impending slaughter, but divert audiences with totally false information about Trump to get the public eye off of what Trump hs done and ill keep dong.

Just to be clear, the issues we who are anti-terrosits, pro-America and all are accusing Obama and Hillary of are very serious . Some involve many counts of High Treason..Serious stuff. So lets see what comparable accusations the leberal media has to offer about  Trump. Lets see his dirty laundery. CNN bring your A game….


Well here is it folks. They nailed Trump here. He might be scared of stairs. Shoot Mr. President why you not disclose this when we were voting? It may have changed my mind..




Also in todays news was an article on how Trumps ratings have dropped so low its proof our country does not approve Then again, when I looked at the source, none other then CNN!

After looking a little deeper I actually found an example of that good old  PROJECTION  they love to use so much

Who has the terrible dip in ratings? None other then CNN themselves



Next time a Trump hater tells you some secret about him- check the source. They arent used to that kind of accountability.

Lovin Trump 4 Loving Amercia











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