Breaking News ..Belichick -Brady-Trump=Dirty Money.

PHOTO: Bill Belichick Spotted On New ‘VII Rings’ Boat –

As a professional I must report it like I sees it. I will admit I hate this one. But my standards are, well think of CNN . Truth must come out, right? Here goes.

I sure hope I’m wrong about this. But I smell a rat. I’ve bragged about Trump all this time and now this. Belicheck has another million-dollar boat. Who does he coach? Tom Brady.

 Who does Tom Brady play golf with? None other than President Trump. This is killing me to write but I think I’m finally seeing the light that the left has been trying to show..

Of course if Brady is involved in the Superbowl, and besties with Trump , well …we all know that Superbowl Sunday is the number one highest day for human sex trafficking. 

.That means our own President is behind the entire human trafficking ring..Im a sucker.

Oh my. I am starting to understand how they think . The libs have me seeing it their way. ..

I will be checking myself into a lockdown psych unit now. Its too painful too be stupid. 



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