Addiction Series 2017- Toxic Judgement…

I  had a post prepared for the initial introduction to the series but I don’t have the talent  to possibly script what I just read in a newspaper today  I’m going to kick it off with it here and let you see the ignorance that happens in this industry.

Great . Now my link disappeared. Heres the bottom line. Some Barney Fife cop decided he was going the ” tough love ” route with drug addicts he busted in withdrawals..No Norco and nothing to prevent sudden death.  Now we got Barney Fife wanting to play Doogie Howser. 

How about this jackass . Walk your beat and catch the kids stealing candy. You don’t make the rules just because you get to carry a gun. If I was your sup. I’d load you up with H for  3 days and eat popcorn .

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