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People are always doubting. .Quick to judge others who have risen to success. When someone else makes dramatic gains in their career or rises to some unbelievably wonderful place in their life, there’s always going to be people to shoot you down and that’s why we to have confidence in ourselves. As a matter of fact, no matter what we’ve done have confidence in ourselves.It’s no accident that Obama Rose to the highest office in United States.. He knew who he really was he sure doesn’t need any country to shoot down his accomplishments .

When recently asked if he had to pick one song to define his legacy and what he has meant to this country as being the leader of our nation America,  Obama picked this one.  ( Salt N Peppa-Whatta Man)

As a matter of fact he noted that as he becomes a regular citizen again and enjoys seeing how his “Legacy ”  plays out this song will  will be jamming in his MP3  while he remembers his accompishments..

Whether it be a slow day or just kickin it at home polishing his self -awarded  Medal of Honor,  or thinking of his Nobel peace prize, he knows he earned all he has awarded himself. No need for a countty’s approval – he has found himself worthy -that is what matters.

If he ever has a negative thought cross his mind about his legacy- this will come right back on..

My song- By B  Obama

Let’s face it he  could have done even more if he wasn’t so limited by those silly founding father issues…

Just to demonstrate his total awareness and support of the citizens of the United States it has been said that during his farewell speech tonight he will not  only avoid putting anyone down, even others who took a stand against him,  but he will encourage us to unite and still have some faith even though Trump got elected. 

Al-Hamdu lillah,  Mr. President      

  wahidat Kabira.

I would say mission accomplished.

What a Man! Just ask him. He will vouch for me!

I must admit I couldnt  help but document some amount of historical moments and if you haven’t seen that post you posted he has made some incredible moments for himself.

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