10 Historical Accomplishments of The Legendary Obama…Lest We Forget.

It’s  been 8 years. Sometimes I have focused on the negatives  only with him so recently I took time to give credit where credit is due. Truthfully nobody has ever done these things.

1– Clearly the first ever President to help clean up the terrible thug perception that most rappers have to live with ..

After getting special permission from the necessary probation authorities he went ahead and invited Jay-Z  and Beyonce right into the White House to perform.-

The result? As we know, most people do not see all that gangster type behavior on the news. Problem solved.


2  -First President in history to force himself away from his work in order to learn the   sport of golf.

All because in troubling times Obama knew the country would be looking to him as to where their panic level should rest .He wanted to do whatever it took to give an appearance of calm when things got rough.

3- Using his often unbeatable reverse psychological skills he managed to avoid a planned attack on the United States from the Islamic brotherhood  by throwing them a curve. He pressures the Americans that he is jackin all of our guns.

Then he cuts the brotherhood a check for 3 Billion!  For arms . All are content,

4- Unselfishly as usual , Obama has already committed to stay close to DC  after he leaves office. Why?

He wants people to stay committed to focusing on the White House and the things of this country when he departs. Lest they get caught up in his LEGACY and spend each day following his every move..

5-. Clearly to avoid the international congratulatory festivals that would occur as he left office celebrating his LEGACY- he knew was inevitable , he as usual slipped onto  humble road and just whispers to his staff-

“Hey guys I don’t need all the Hub-Bub-I don’t know , heck just grab one of those Medal of Honor deals..That’s plenty for me.”
Ok now for #6 we go to — um.. (hold on I apologize but my assistant is yelling at me even though she knows I am doing this .

Folks even as I write this I am in awe at the pure balance of intelligence, timing , and narcissistic humility that we have witnessed in the last 8 years.

My assistant Jackie was more than correct ro interrupt. President Obama himself just hung up with her.

When I knew I would be publicly documenting these events, I told Jackie to make a call to the office of the President to make sure there were no issues.

Not only did he personally call to approve our request, but he has offered to come here  personally next week  and sign some copies.of his new book for us to have and is having his office bring some related papers over now. .

The last few accomplishments really.make you realize this man was not.like the rest of us. I.dont think any other man in this country could have done these.    



10-Thankfully, Barak Hussein Obama was stopped short of #10. Or as we true Americans say – He got.  TRUMPED.


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