No Offers To Help From The Vatican Yet- Hmm . I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.

Check This Out- Heck We Could Work Full Time Jobs Forever Just To Shut This Down-

Go Big- Or- Go HOME!!!

Hmm-sounds fair. — Am I wrong here?  WOW-if it wont open I will fix- gotta go


Wow already 5 countries have hit me but sadly not Italy-

Oh, wait- that’s right they are trying to BAN police from knowing about any rapes. They promised to investigate- THOROUGHLY-


You all have got me so fired up my blood is boiling – and I feel like I am waking up from a 20 year coma. When this whole thing is said and done — don’t go anywhere because you will never ever ever believe how all the pieces through the years have made a way to this day. Now it is the rubber meets road and I feel the need for SPEED!

I don’t know exactly how this will specifically unfold but I am telling you now so whenever it does I want you see- the rest..of the story all the way back. I mean you will freak out.

Thanks again-


Romans 8:28 and Jeremy Camp- I still believe.

Those are the 2 things I spoke and listened to every day 20 years ago..that was just the beginning – and man I cant wait to see the ending.


Thank you thank you so very much for re-blogging my brothers story. To my amazement this has taken it to yet another level, making it harder for the pedi-priest to slide out of this deal. I NEED TODAY this.

A consultant, businessman, investor, with some media knowledge and who is interested in what may become a very big and wide open investigation to include national syndicated talk shows and all media. Its sitting on the table.

I have not a minute for posers or anyone who has any other intention then to expose the ENTIRE CULT of pedi-priests in general. Of course after watching my brothers killer be locked up. It may involve books media and much else. I have spent 4 years writing about all this praying that one day this freak and others would be exposed.

Please only contact me if you have resources, negotiation skills with media and publishing and other. Financially you will never worry about your investment as we will do this if an agreement is made that is suitable. I can sell my book tomorrow and get paid because my brother is the one in this case involved. But why stop there? I have the connections to put national deals that would turn on a national spotlight long term on ALL these guys.

So if I find the right partner, we will go that route and hopefully make a HUGE dent in this ring. If not I will sell my own story, be happy Gondek is locked up and move on.

We can nab him- and thanks very much.

Or..there are these guys-

Anyone else want to vomit?


That’s just the bottom line- me – right?? LOL

What is meant to happen will. Thanks to y’all who stepped up. It just took one and I am one step away from immediate and total focus on this. If I wait too long the next news story will get the chance I have. I have 24-48 hour window to at least solidify a partnership.  From there I can secure any national show I feel like it. That, would be awesome. So thanks and if you or someone in your crew that you trust and has what I need contact me 24 hours around the clock starting 6pm tonite. I will be lining up media as I talk to people and Y’all will understand if it works this way –

contact me by email or text first with any and text 386-675-7549- If you happen to know that you know that you know this is for you if you feel me -just call asap. Praying.

. If you already see and know and have experience in this and want in just call. I really just need a professional to handle all the negotiation and financials and things I don’t even want to know about. If you do your part the opp to pull in long term media to keep this crime exposed is also there. Its truly one of those one of a lifetime deals. The media has to stay with what is hot. Right this moment it is this. It wont be long.

Love you all for helping-






Seriously I really am beginning to think y’all are keeping something from me . 

I cannot even stomach the thought of it. String him up. 



Wow. Almost forgot – all my believing followers please pray for that COWBOY ANOINTING for my main man and youngest son Jesse Jon. Went one wheel up out of Town this morning to National Finals . Hardest workin 18 year old I ever met..

Oh and uh, Of course I told him this was out of order , but since it’s up now , he is actually dropping a peace sign to a few of his Boyz during a show…lol!!!  How sweet..Oh I mean he should not be doing that type of um , you know. won’t happen again I’m sure…


The Last Laugh- Hillary V. Trump


I was going over the whole election process and speeches with a few of my peeps earlier and I asked this question – ” What was the best and most truthful accusation or slam that Hillary had against Trump?”

Peeps– He became a billionaire by FAILING 4x filing corporate bankruptcy.

Me– Umm ( while googling)- There are 1200 billionaires or so in the world. The average has filed CB 3.75x.

I win.

Any more, I ask?

Peeps– Didn’t you here him make fun of a handicapped guy?

Me-Yes- and it was wrong. Thank God he took ownership, we don’t need any liars. I will have a flawed honest person any day over a flawed manipulating liar anytime.

Me– BTW- How many felony counts did you come up with for Hillary – was it 39 or 44 like I heard? And should she have to serve life if she doesn’t win?

Peeps– Change topic.

I win.

obama flag

Lastly and the best was Obama pretending to act as if Trump was ” Startled” after entered the White House and really heard what goes down-From the President….(gag)

Me- I think Trump was so freaking tired of counting how many prayer towels he needs to get out and bored of hearing all the Islamic prayers from the other rooms. Intimidated? That is actually pretty funny. I bet Trump did consider  jumping the freaking table and forcing Obama to do one thing he has refused to do as president in 8 years…SALUTE our own flag!

That’s it. I am out. What an 8 year journey of stupidity – on US.  Thank God for an American President! A Christian American! Amen. Out. Don’t let your prayer clothe hit your ass on the way out Obama-




I am seriously embarrassed and ashamed that America not only put a muslim liar hater who wont even salute the damn flag in office once, but when we found his true motives out, (perhaps when open door to Islamic crap, no guns for Americans, but 30 BILLION cash to the freaking Muslim brotherhood on ramadamdamdam or whatever so they could buy arms to murder us….?) For reals people? I was on my knees when Trump won. If not Obamas ” legacy” ( to kill America ) would be carried out by Hillary.

What’s happening in this world?

Its TRUMP TIME NOW – So sweep that white house out and do it up. BTW you morons on television who swore you would move if Trump won….I believe he offered flight? Why no takers? Just like Hillary- BS.

STOP! He Was 23. Finally Accomplishes His Dream. Degree In Hand. Applies For It  Commits Suicide Before Ever Starting. This Is My Personal Family Incident. I Need You Now. Read.

Sexual Abuse Suicide. Open Investigation NOW!


I’m about to share with you my brother Danny’s life and death story and how yet another pedi-priest is still in the pulpit after molesting someone. If you have ever read me, you know 3 things

1- I’m transparent about my life. Where I’m wrong I gladly admit. When I fall I admit I fell, but I always get back up.

2- -I could not care less if I impress anybody and I don’t count followers. I don’t even use free SEOs. The right people will find this if it will help them.

3-I speak what I believe and boldly. However I’m very aware that I may be the most flawed of us all and I’m not here to judge.

So, with that I will mention that I could use your help today for a personal family matter. However it’s all over.If you have read my biography you know that my brother committed suicide . Also that a priest named Father Al Gondek groomed, doomed, and tombed him. Like a textbook pediphile.

Danny went to high school at a Catholic school even though we are not Catholic. It was a zoning issue. Over his last 2 years he became pretty attached to the priest there. At that time I was not formally trained as a social worker and had none of the 20 years experience I now have living with and working with victims of sexual abuse.

I thought it was odd that this priest was so wanting to establish trust with Danny, and even us by having Danny invite him for dinner. I was glad when my brother left the state for college to pursue a degree in criminal justice. It just felt good to see some distance between them. About 4 years later he did it. He came home and immediately applied to the local police department. It was in the mail. The kid did it. Just had to take the tesrs and all.

It’s 4th of July that year and he is sitting next to me  in another chair watching an episode of “In The Heat Of The Night”.  It happened to have to do with a guy who had been groomed as a kid , molested, then as he got older realized what had taken place . He hung himself.

A few minutes later Danny stood up, went to the kitchen and made a sandwich. I noticed he took just a bite or two then decided to leave it there . He came back through the living room where I was and casually looked over his shoulder back at me and said  ” I’m going for a walk ”

OK. No biggie. He’s  grown up right? So I fell asleep. A few hours later maybe 2am I woke up and went to lock up.

I looked outside and saw his car so assumed he had cone back and crashed in his room while I slept. I checked but nope.

I woke my mom and asked her if maybe while I was sleeping he had decided to stay at a friend’s or something . Three hours is just too long of a walk. She had some uncanny mother thing going on even as she was barely getting her eyes open .She right away got up and started outside and I followed.

She went left and I went right. We lived in a very wooded area. It was not but a few minutes before I heard a scream I think only a mom could produce.I hope none of you all ever have to experience it.

As it turned out Danny had gone out for his ” walk ” and put a bullet in his head. He left a note saying he loved us and put his cross on from a recent Christian retreat.

WHAT??? This kid is just about to live his dream! What would ever cause him to end his life right before it started? I only knew to go to his room and look for some clue. For a moment I thought I had it figured I bet he got rejected from the police academy. Dang. How heartbreaking. But why kill youraelf?

But then I noticed a chest in his closet . Big and wooden with a padlock . Hmm. What is that? A few minutes later after getting it open I grabbed large handful of letters neatly stacked.

So I glanced at the content and it turns out they were on the romantic side . Maybe he had a secret girl friend who just broke up with him.My sister noted one line that said ” I miss your touch “. But before I could think anymore I looked down for a signature.




These letters were from none other then Father Albert Gondek. For 4 years the pedi-priest had kept Danny on the line. But being out of state my brother could just put them away and not face  ” Al “.

However coming back home as a man and facing reality was much harder obviously because much like the twenty something guy we both watched hang himself on television, Danny had no idea how to deal with what he had just figured out. Too late . From the letters it was clear that the scumbag had had inappropriate physical contact with him over the years. Exactly what I don’t know. I don’t want to know.

What a waste , right? Here is where you and your friends and their friends can do to help to start bringing attention to  Gondek and all the others doing the same. You see the Catholic church doesn’t fire pedi-priest’s too often. It’s all about relocating . Like a chess board. Keep moving them around. When Danny died would you believe that just out of coincidence the Father was moved out to North Carolina?

Oh and there’s this other side note that to date the Catholic Church has paid out around SIX BILLION (B) Dollars to avoid going to trials. It’s happening all over. I don’t know if pediphiles become priests or priests become pediphiles.

Either way if you have kids as I do, there are oh so many things I have thought about what I would do if it happened one of my little girls. I can’t even print it .I personally think the odds are pretty good that if you allow a small child with a priest for any length of time that you are shooting about 50/50 odds on whether it will be a safe visit. I’m just going by the numbers.
So first thing here is that I have actually heard from a few people over the years who read me and suspected the same joker  Gondek of touching their child. However it was about a year ago when a member with some authority in the actual church he was transferred to in North  Carolina happened upon my blog . She contacted me and sure enough the good father was at it again. They suspected and actually had testimony of at least 8 boys being molested but what next? We have kept in touch and don’t ya know that just a few days ago an investigative reporter from the very same state -North Carolina ” happened” upon my blog and saw that name again. This time it means something. As of a month or two ago Father Albert Gondek who I personally have seen what he can and will do to young men, is under investigation for molesting 8-10 or so ( that they know about) young boys.

Funny thing , the first one that spoke up was recently deported to Mexico. What an amazing coincidence. However not before giving his testimony on all 8 boys he witnessed Gondek molest.

So here is what I’m asking;

For the sake of the millions of little children that are going to be sent into that same hell soon, can we ban together just for the sake of all the kids we could protect?

You see we cannot  “unmolest” kids. That is damage that is always there.  Send this to everyone you know. Ask everyone who may have had contact with Gondek or ANY priest who may be inappropriate with kids. Now is the time. You don’t have the media’s full attention much-But thank God I now have, for a brief time a contact to the man who can make the world see this. Short window folks. Its now or likely never again we have this chance. Don’t blow it off. An investigation has started and if we work together we can have full media exposure. If we blow it off Gondek will be giving baths to little boys again soon and probably get a raise for his stress…

I have an open invite right now to contact a person who has the authority to shine a bright light on this issue. So do it just because it’s right . Do it for the little ones facing what my brother did. If we even saved 10 or 40 or. 1000 kids by making this known can you imagine how awesome it would be? . Help me start addressing this. Right now it’s in North Carolina. I need all of you in my crew in or out of the USA to do whatever you can. 

North Carolina is where they sent Gondek after he did my brother in. So if you are there great. No matter where you are- trust me when I tell you it is unthinkable what can so easily come from what these freaks treat as play toys. And it’s happening all over the world. The media we have the ear of today is North Carolina . However please report any incident in any location because they will follow it until it dies. It’s up to us.

Contact me ASAP at if you know of anything. I will forward it to the media with or without your info. You tell me. Let’s just put pediphiles where they belong. It’s really more of their style anyway.

So. Whatcha gonna do? There’s a window. It’s open now. ..



Danny Joel Petri

4/20/1968-7/4/1991 – Love you my man. See you when I see you .

Father Albert Gondek. Promoted to another state and on paid leave. Still living. Pathetic. I will never stop until you get your turn.