Does This Scare The Hell Into Anyone Else?

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Published in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida ‘News and Sun Sentinnel’
newspaper . 1968. :

Verbatim quotes by famous Atheists on their deathbeds —

1. Sir Walter Scott : ” Now i know there is a heaven”

2. Taleran (french) :” I am suffering the pangs of the damned”

3. Adams : (tore his hair out as he repeatedly said ):” Oh Christ, oh
Christ, Oh Christ….”

4. Voltaire :” I die abandoned by God and man” (the nurse by his bedside
said that she would never watch another atheist die as long as she lived
because it was too horrific for her)

5. Vollney kept screaming out :” My God my God, my God….” till he

6. Meravue :” Give me opium that i may not think of eternity”

7. Brown :” Devils are in the room dragging my soul to hell”

8. Newport :” Millions and millions of years will bring me no closer to
the end of my torments. O, the unsufferable pains of hell, forever and

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