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Dear DLMK-

Long time reader, first time writer. Regarding the coming elections, I have a serious concern about Donald Trump. His obvious motive for what he does is to use money to manipulate, cover up, and taint the truth about everything he does not care for. We cannot let this country ” buy ” itself into rules and pretend they are valid just so we don’t have to deal with reality- while also getting it both ways. In my opinion we are simply fooling ourselves. Shame on us.


Mr. Thomas Scott

VP-Atheists Association of (SE) USA.

Running for President -Agnostics of America

Dear Mr. Scott-

Thank you for your letter and also for following us. In response to your question, we also concur that oftentimes people find it easier to spend millions or ignore obvious reason in order to have things appear their own way. It is for this very reason that you will have our vote when you run for the top position in the Agnostics of America org. You clearly have the ability to be a bit more flexible in these areas.




Dear DLMK-

It is with a heavy heart and a broken spirit that I take these ruthless jabs from Donald Trump, just for a few votes. My husband and I have served this country with honor and integrity for decades, while Mr. Trump has gone bankrupt 6 times on his way to becoming a billionaire. During my husband’s time in office, he was known by even the secret service to make the most use of his office than any president in history.

I am also proud to say the secret service team said that during all the time working while my husband was president, he took tireless measures to make sure his family was safe. As a matter of fact one guard at the oval office said that nightly my  husband could be heard yelling ” watch out for Hillary” – ” Watch out for Hillary” –Now that’s a family man. It isn’t all about the fun and games Mr. Trump.


H.Rodham Clinton ( 3x Candy Crush Champion)







Look Way Up-You Can Just See Our All Time Low…

It’s hard to comprehend most days, and I am ashamed to say that I am sometimes caught shrugging these things off as if all was well. Sometimes I would even consider myself desensitized to the whole thing. I have my days though, like today when it is just too much to stomach. What is happening around me simply sends shivers up and down my soul.

Daily in the news we hear about children being raped and killed. We watch after the sports highlights to see the news anchor remind us to stay tuned for updates on the missing little girl, the latest on the father who gunned down his entire family after a lousy day at work. Maybe the bills are too much. What does that have to do with the innocent 5 year old that you brought into this world?

Its become so commonplace in society that we rarely even think twice as we scroll down today’s list of unimaginable tragedies usually involving the weak or innocent-the vulnerable and helpless. The dad or grandfather arrested for raping then murdering his own 10 year old flesh and blood. The pedophile paroled for ‘ good behavior’ caught yet again with a body under his trailer.

Its hardest when helpless children are involved and cowards prey on them. However, it is not much easier to take seeing victims of any age or sex being treated like disposable beings without anymore value then a few minutes and a very sick cheap thrill.

However- there is more to this. Its even more twisted than it seems if that is even possible. In today’s society it is as if we are not only accepting the devaluing of human life, but allowing a counterfeit to take the place of what only human life can own. There is a definite pattern here make no mistake about it. Today there are people cutting up unborn baby parts and bringing them home for “entertainment “value to share with friends.

Thats right people not only have lost sight of the sanctity of human life- but conversely they mock it. Every single day we see it on the news or hear about it in our circles. Do you ever wish you could put your hands around the whole world and just shake everyone until their heads screwed back on correctly? I do everyday. Maybe because I’m a parent it hits me harder. Nope that’s not it- its because I am a human being. It’s not ok with me that you will die on the beach to save a sea turtle egg but cannot ” pass judgement” on those who willingly and openly slaughter unborn babies and manage to sleep at night by calling them ” fetuses”…really?

It is not ok that a dad in Minnesota the other day slapped and punched his own 1 year old baby to DEATH for being too loud while he was playing his 12 year old level video games. I do not forget easily when news about kids like Jessica Lunsford comes out. I never ever get used to it. Never.

It’s as if we are slowly but very steadily being hypnotized into believing that the very acts that come from the deepest pits of hell are somehow acceptable. It is getting worse every day and it seems to be going strong.

Maybe taking prayer and bibles out of schools wasnt the brightest idea after all. I mean how is it working out for us now?

I believe that we have one hope and only one hope as a nation. Repent. Beg God for forgiveness. Plead the blood of Christ over our families each day and over the nation each day. I’m afraid hell is much closer than most think. You can see it through the flames of destruction burning and searing our consciousness.

I’m scared for this nation. Im thankful for the option we are all given to turn things around and even be forgiven. Time is short. Someone needs to start shaking things up and now. For this post I selected something about average in today’s news.. Click below.


I included the above clip from today’s news about the “funny” beating this caretaker gave to a helpless woman. It is so hilarious- don’t you agree? It’s all ok now though because the man who beat this helpless woman will have to serve almost all of his 2 year prison sentence. Two years. Maybe her bones will be healed by then. Her fear will always be there.

Pray people -pray. Things are going to hell quickly. At least lets not help pave the way.

I’m out.-Peace

God bless us…








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