Mailbag- Questions Only We Dare Print!

“Dear DLMK.- I need your advice. Only lately have I been freed up enough to discuss this. Here goes..

I have NEVER ever fealt like a poor and broke person. But every time I look in my wallet I still see nothing. Well today I am officially taking control of my inner being. I am coming out. As a RICH PERSON!

My question is will I still be accepted at places like the dollar store? Thank you. Im a big fan!


Coming into money-Texas.

Dear Coming into money- thanks for your bold question! I want to first congratulate you on getting in touch with who this universe REALLY intended you to be! You have a wonderful life ahead. Dont sweat the Dollar Store. Heck I would walk by each day flaunting a new RICH store bag! That should get to them. Good Luck!-DLMK Staff

Dear DLMK-

I am absolutely disgusted with what is going on in this political fight between Trump and Hillary. Here is what irks me to no end. I believe Trump eluded to the idea that if we had suffered another economic collapse, that he surely would have taken advantage of it by buying up more real estate. What happened to the ” Presidential” in the candidate? It is obvious that Mr Trump has no idea how sacred the office of the president really is. To even think of using his position for personal gain or pleasure is, well putrid. has this man no morals? What do you think?

Sincerely yours,

William Jefferson Clinton



Dear Mr President-

Yet again you have us in check-mate. Sir those cigars you requested are on the way.




Some Dont Deserve Traditional Prison And Death-An Ass Of A Human.

No Words.

Every now and again I find myself reading about something or seeing something that is so vile, so demonic, so very inhumane that I feel like rounding up the boys and asking the judge to let us send him on his way. I think about this pathetic example of a demon possessed man. I just cannot fathom him being so lucky as to enjoy prison. Just a few rapes or beat downs before the electric chair.Nope. Aint no way that is going to happen if I have any say. I was sick in my stomach reading this. Maybe because I work with thousands of disabled kids. Maybe because I have girls. I don’t know. All I know is I am lit up mad.

I understand there are reasons we all do things we do. We have all been through things that have warped our view of right and wrong. I consider myself the chief of all sinners, and but by His Grace, I would not even be here today. You know we all have our skeletons in our closets. Drinking, drugging, maybe problems with stealing or whatever. And we have all had that one or 2 or 25 darn incidences when we just could not resist touching our own seed SAID NOBODY – That is a special breed that by the way ha zero success in any cure. ZERO. Well that explains why they house 5 of these freaks in a house together when they get out. First, why would anyone who abused a child ever get out? shoot I can get as much or more jail time shooting an endangered animal then these do. I don’t understand how the same system that announces no known cure for predators can strap a black on their ankle after a few years in, and think it wont happen again. The difference is that this time you may know where he is while he is severely abusing another child. Does this help? So great, congratulations sheriff- you have such a good idea! That bracelet thing really helped us find the pedophile after we found his victim. He cut it off a few hundred yards away.

I have been able to forgive anyone because I learned the hard way what  holding back forgiveness will do. It never hurts the other person but it will cause hurtful bitterness in us, so I learned to forgive. Not to mention I often about the command we are given to forgive, as we want forgiveness.

This here though -and related types of incidents I have not mastered it. I think he needs hardcore street justice. I do not believe any human could do something so selfish and so painful-to an 8-year-old and not get sick after even thinking about it To continue for years is satan in human form. That is premeditated sexual abuse of a disabled kid. Hard to comprehend.

So I just am saying that guys like this need no jail. Just a few of the fellas, our trucks, some barbed wire, rope and a picture of the little girl. Maybe a small electrical saw that would be good for sawing off ones body parts.( from the fingers on down). If you dont think he deserves it, you might as well hit that unfollow button. Dont give me no static on my passions and I wont judge you on yours. Oh, for you skeptics, in the last day a Montana man was arrested for the rape and murder of an 11 year old. She was his grand -daughter.

it’s now about time to give the man some time to hang around.I get the rope and get the old boy tied up and hanging high so we all can chat. i am thinking on starting by putting a picture of the little girl in front of his hangin tree. We all pull up some chairs and slowly and carefully feed him one digit at a time. After the hands are done he really should have a dessert, so we feed into him what he forced into her. About the time he is choking on his own junk I remember that I can give us all a little more time to process things if he has his trachea crushed. I volunteer. I just do whatever it takes to make this old boy go long and go slow. I think of new things each minute to keep him from dying, just uncomfortable but soon I panic as I see that he appears dead already. After only 6 hours. That is too easy of a trip to hell for this one.


“Hello? Hello?

Where am I ?

Wow I just had a crazy dream…or did I?`”

I wish.

This is my heart for this little girl, and it is the way I really feel about people who do anything to hurt an innocent child. If you have a problem with that, or feel sorry for this animal, then do us both a favor and quit following me. Nothing personal, we just have too wide a gap. You do yours and Ill do mine. If you think the same way I do about this, let me hear you. I know I aint the only parent who is fantasizing about doing what I just said, to someone who did what he did.  I hope regular hell and eternal fire rejects him and that there maybe is an even more torturous place he can live FOREVER.

I wont admit to being obsessed about keeping my kids safe from these types, but have plans in place in case I see anyone looking sideways at one of my little girls. It does NOT involve the law. Hey I am venting on a passionate topic that my heart bleeds about. I don’t get to lay out my true feelings often, but a parent, I could care less who disagrees.

Oh and just FYI the most common places predators seek interaction is not at the fair in a clown suit. It can be anyone who purposely positions themselves with constant and isolated exposure to kids. Pedophiles have no borders either. Doctors , teachers, and even church pastors are now falling into this satanic attempt to kill as many as possible. Run a quick search in your county typing in SEX PREDATORS (then your county)-

You may be very surprised  who is on probation for these type crimes and you KNOW them… It’s worth a few minutes.

( Lord, Please forgive the hatred, and bitterness and anger and vitriol I want to spew.)

Pray for these little children.



Breaking! Big Pharma Apologizes And Offers Billions In Compensation.*

BOSTON (CBS) — Major depression is usually associated with adults, but quite a few kids suffer from it as well, and more are being treated with antidepressants. But a new analysis published in the journal Lancet finds that most of these drugs are not only ineffective in kids but some may actually be unsafe. Only 1…


    *Maybe that headline is what should be on all papers

It is amazing how a drug company can get a drug by the FDA ( which is supposed to require proven success in clinical trials), then the doctors prescribe dozens of these drugs to kids (and adults) for a decade or two before SHAZAAM! It just now occurred to them ( after the Brinks truck has been emptied till it cant haul anymore cash) that perhaps the suicide attempts, increase in depressive features and lack of positive feelings may actually be linked to the very same medicines that were approved by the FDA, marketed and sold to millions for many years.

Of course I mean allegedly has ties to the medications. After all, they do have a point that 1 of the 14 studied meds may not be too toxic. Great news. I feel much better that I do have that 1/14 chance that my kid will not want to harm himself or feel very depressed after taking these, well, anti-depressants. So what to do now? How did this happen? I am so glad you asked! One of the main reasons this site was created was to reveal the truth to the consumer, to educate people on the business side of mental health/psychiatry and Drugs.

Disclaimer– Not all drugs have no use. People can benefit from them under the appropriate circumstances. Mental health does require treatment. However as you will find out in a minute, most times when it comes to treatment, well, we have been had. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool the whole world while you smile and take their wallet out of their pocket, there just is no justification. Explanation, yes. justification no. Here is our explanation on how the world has been so deceived.

A recent medical study from a very reputable university showed that between 70-80% of all patients with any type of problems, medical, psychiatric or other believed in the spoken work of the doctor of care they had. What this means is that 7/10 of us that go to the hospital, and think we have , lets say a tumor-have the same reaction when their doctor tells them the tumor has gone. Can you guess? The tumor goes. The same holds true when the doctor tells one they have a mild disease; they believe, receive and actually produce it in their bodies. This a common way of testing drugs in clinical trials. It is known to some as the ” Placebo Effect”. Take 20 people in the same setting, tell them what they are taking is all the same. However they put nothing more than sugar in half.

After several weeks the daily data is tallied and it is determined how many patients reported improvement. Many if not most times the people who got nothing but a sugar pill are dancing around raving how much better they feel after a few weeks. You get the idea. The power of suggestion is huge in human communication. In case you don’t know this, the USA is 1 of only 2 countries in the WORLD that will allow drug companies to advertise on television. The drug makers love that and they pound us with feel good commercials, that get our hopes up, when most are based on bogus clinical trials. The rest of the world seems to value their people too much to allow this type of abuse potential.

Ok, enough with the problems. What do we do to solve this? Glad you asked. We at Don’t Label My Kid! Project have a combined 100 years of experience working with every age, every diagnoses, every race, every disability , and have specialists who determine what your real need is for you or your child or both. Licensed Mental Health Counselor, expert behavioral interventionists, clinical staff in case medicine is the way to go. We have all excelled in our areas of expertise and are bringing our experience to the virtual world. We offer virtual marriage counseling, family and child, parenting and dozens of others.

One reason we have been so successful is that years ago we saw that this thing called mental health was most times being treated ineffectively, and often with sad and tragic outcomes. I can speak from personal experience, my own brother committed suicide right after getting his Criminal Justice Degree. Great career ahead, but offed himself before it could happen. Mental health is real. Cookie cutter fixes are not. Each person needs to be treated according their specific need. For example, a sexually abused girl who doesn’t tell anyone out of shame or fear may become very promiscuous. She is confused about what intimacy is. Not knowing her past, even her family may call her a whore, and disown her. She takes drugs to numb the pain then shoots herself as she feels so rejected. It is cases like these that drive this site. All day long I hear on the street ” He’s a drug addict don’t help him.” “She had her chances so she can live with what she got.” Really? Have we all not gladly accepted 2,3, and 50th chances? Have we walked in the same shoes. If not here is a very therapeutic term, only used in Reality Therapy. It goes like this ” Shut Up!”  Lol-Who are we to judge if we have not walked where another has?

That’s the norm, not the unusual. The unusual is when someone just becomes depressed, acts out, relapses time and time again, even though they try so hard, yet after probing and therapy nothing can be seen as a potential catalyst. That is rare. There is always some reason we do what you do. Its our job to actually help get to the root issue, so you can work through it and done. Not reliving it over and over causing problems in all of your relationships and jobs. Traditionally therapy has been used as a way to go over the past….again, and again and again. Constantly reopening the same can of garbage each time you see your counselor.

We believe there is a time and place for that type of therapy. We believe by the success rates we have had that therapy is basically going backwards. We do something that not many others do, at our level anyway. It is called Coaching. Coaching is taking what the root issue is, recognizing it, giving I its moment of fame, then never looking back. Identifying a strategy with you on how to move ahead, and standing alongside you as a cheerleader if you will as we execute the move forward plan. The benefits of this model are as follows;

1- You don’t pay 250$/hour to a psychiatrist.

2-You don’t necessarily get on meds.

3- You get to the root issue and deal with it.

4- When your healing has been accomplished, we offer online and in person certifications in more than 20 areas. This very important because one of the best ways to stay healthy when you get healthy is to coach another who is now in the place you were. It keeps your memory fresh as to how far you have come, and best of all-you get paid to be a Coach! You don’t have a college degree? So what. When take our short on -line or in class certifications, you are going to use that to coach others into healing, not your geometry. Many of the people who have been coached, have become coaches at some point after.

One thin that is important about #3- you must realize that just as a car salesmen earns his or her living by selling you a car, whether you need it or not, no doctor that has you locked in as a monthly patient is going to call you up and tell you that you are good to go. They get paid to help with or even create problems for you to solve. You are in a cycle. A while back I was doing some work on-line and this crazy loud noise comes out of my laptop, and a huge banner on the screen blinking that read ” ATTENTION, ATTENTION YOU HAVE BEEN ATTACKED BY 5 VIRUSES AND YOUR COMPUTER WILL LOSE ITS STORAGE AND BACKUP IF YOU DO NOT RESPOND IN 10 SECONDS” 

I was freaking out! The little ticker was counting on the screen, 10,9,8,7- I am totally paralyzed I have 5 seconds.

Wait a minute I thought, why 5 seconds? Why not 9 or 22 or 3 seconds? So I quickly shut it off. When I turned it back on I did some checking and found that there were no ” urgent issues”- but there was a company sending these out in mass hoping to get 1/10 people to take the bait, hurry up and buy their 10$ cleaner, with a super double top-secret virus killer by clicking the button. I admit, I was tempted. It was my first rodeo at that. I have seen the little guns but this blaring flashing thing almost had me clicking on it. In the same way that I didn’t need any help or service for that issue, you may not need help for an issue that your 150$/hour therapist wants to help fix. Unless you stop and do your homework, you will stay on that giving train forever. You think they will stop taking your money? Lol. Really?

So, if you need help with mental health, addictions, behavior, parenting, divorce, or anything and the expensive meds and doctors have not worked, we are here with over 2500 coaches in 25 areas from addiction, depression, food, divorce, domestic violence, and any you can think of. It costs less than half of a typical doctor and we want to gone! We don’t want to keep you on board as a client.

We want you to get well and as hundreds have done, become what I call a ” wounded healer”. Get certified in something and get paid to help people. Much more coming and some changes on the site to allow easy navigation to what your specific needs are. Until then whatever your need is, contact us anytime and we will be right back with you.

     Tell Us What You Need Help With, Or what You Would Like To Become Certified in–