Hillary , -I Don’t Know How To Use A Computer-

Finally. We hear the reason why so many rules were  broken and security was breached by Hillary’s use of email. Simple enough, she just doesn’t know how to use a computer!  Geez,  Mrs. Secretary,  all you had to do was tell us in the first place.  It sounds very logical.

It was reported that at least 2 people offered help, according to these 2 public emails found in Hillary’s mailbox

Dear Hillary I would be glad to help you learn anything you need to about computers. I actually invented the internet.-Al Gore

Hillary,-  Honey, I have done extensive work involving desktops in the white house,  I will help if you like.-Bill C

She apparently declined help and now regrets it.

And with that I am going to list my top 3 Hillary lies and see if this should make the list.

1-” I was an integral part of the Ireland peace process”. ( One problem here- nobody there recalls seeing her at the table )

2-“Chelsea was jogging around the twin towers when 911 happened”. ( later we saw her on television discussing how she and her daughter watched it on television from their apartment.)

3-“We were flat broke when we left the white house.” ( the year after leaving. the Clinton’s reported an income of 12 million.)

I think it deserves a spot on this list.




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6 thoughts on “Hillary , -I Don’t Know How To Use A Computer-”

  1. I’m at a loss are we doomed Tj? somedays i feel like a bad American because I can’t wrap my head around it all between the lies and just all of it so I think of just turning my head away. What am I to do?!

    1. Friends and jobs. Money and health, relationships and looks come and go. Put your hope or security in any of them and you are guaranteed a life of ups and downs and depression then excitement.
      I’m a Christian so I learned through scripture that although all those things come and go, God is the same yesterday, today and forever! Never leaves or forsakes us. We are in this world but not of this world. Security and identity rests in Chrust alone- and all those other things I mentioned are like gravy.. Icing on the cake.. But they don’t affect who we are in Christ. Truth be told the only real peace comes from God- but the world we live in is ltrying to talk us out of our faith every day…that’s my 2..

      1. Well it does not sound like anyone will be talking you out of your faith anytime soon, or ever for that matter! thank you for that reply Im one to put all of my faith in myself as it is I have experienced just those ups and downs, depressions and excitement that you mentioned all too many times early in life. I think thats why I might feel a bit at a loss over this government I usually always know what to do and I do it. This feels different to me. Maybe I need to seek a higher power?

      2. I wasn’t trying to preach at you btw lol! I just speak whatbI believe to be true . I was never talked into my faith, I just ended up at a place like we talked about – the ups and downs and all which left me wondering what my purpose here was. I really get where

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