Home Improvement Funny Guy Does Some House Cleaning Of His Own-Why He Turned To Christ And How Cocaine and Alcohol Nearly Cost Him Everything.


The Tool Guy Talks Cocaine, Alcohol and Jesus.



I have seen many episodes of Home Improvement, the hit with Tim Allen that featured him as an obsessed with tools repair and care type guy. I had no idea, that the same guy was released from prison on cocaine trafficking charges just a few years before. I was surely surprised to hear him say he got a call one day from his parole officer  to check in-and a call the next day from a Disney executive asking him if he wanted to join the Disney family. Great to see such tragedy turned around, and even more it is great to see someone who isn’t ashamed to speak the name of  the only one who could have pulled it off.

I think I heard Tim say that the nuts and bolts of it, was that he knew he was here for a purpose and wanted to find out. No more ” Hammer Time “-

Click on the link above -short story and clip with Tim. Good for Tim Allen, cleaned his own house up. We could all use temple cleaning periodically.




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