Hillary , -I Don’t Know How To Use A Computer-

Finally. We hear the reason why so many rules were  broken and security was breached by Hillary’s use of email. Simple enough, she just doesn’t know how to use a computer!  Geez,  Mrs. Secretary,  all you had to do was tell us in the first place.  It sounds very logical.

It was reported that at least 2 people offered help, according to these 2 public emails found in Hillary’s mailbox

Dear Hillary I would be glad to help you learn anything you need to about computers. I actually invented the internet.-Al Gore

Hillary,-  Honey, I have done extensive work involving desktops in the white house,  I will help if you like.-Bill C

She apparently declined help and now regrets it.

And with that I am going to list my top 3 Hillary lies and see if this should make the list.

1-” I was an integral part of the Ireland peace process”. ( One problem here- nobody there recalls seeing her at the table )

2-“Chelsea was jogging around the twin towers when 911 happened”. ( later we saw her on television discussing how she and her daughter watched it on television from their apartment.)

3-“We were flat broke when we left the white house.” ( the year after leaving. the Clinton’s reported an income of 12 million.)

I think it deserves a spot on this list.




Obama@Trump- You Dont Care About American Safety

Are You Serious Mr. President? 

The movie Wag The Dog with Dustin Hoffman comes to mind here.

The financier of the Muslim Brotherhood ( 3 billion ) and the one who has made every effort to take American gun rights, is now making yet another amazing accusation.

President Obama says Trump is not concerned with the safety of this country. Excuse me but was it not you Mr. President who stroked a 3 Billion dollar check to the Muslim Brotherhood a few years back? They used the funds for arms.

You have at the same time tried all you can to take the gun rights of Americans away.  Now when Trump shows concern about the violence with the muslim population you spin it into an anti-religious thing. I for one am glad to hear someone show actual concern for our safety, whereas I have seen nothing but what appears to be a purposeful stripping away of any power and rights we hold by you.


Gun That Killed Teen Sold For 250k By Shooter.

Zimmerman Gets 250k For Gun He Killed Black Teen With – Sold As ” Piece Of History”


Just when I think we are making progress in society with all the race issues and the like I am silenced by something like this, that I have no words to explain they why in it.

I followed the George Zimmerman -Trayvon Martin trial pretty closely. I really didn’t know which way things would go, but it seemed like if breaks were to be had, Zimmerman was getting them. I am not saying he intentionally murdered Trayvon, I just mean that things seemed to have went his way a lot.

Zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old Martin in his neighborhood while involved in a neighborhood watch program. Trayvon was in the area one night with a hoody and then the story is told about the two struggled and then the teen was shot. Of course during the trial, it didn’t help that the usual publicity seekers flew in for a day throw the race card in.However, even Al Sharpton and his ranting along with the riots that almost occurred didn’t change the outcome of the trial.

Zimmerman was found not guilty of the crime of murder. It was a shock to many, and things did go his way many times in the trial, but it is what it is. Its over. With that said, the thoughts of sadness still remain of a needless killing of another kid. People still talk about  this story, maybe because Zimmerman keeps popping up in the news for other unrelated crimes.

When it was a reported that he was allowed to keep, and sell the murder weapon at auction for 250k, heads really turned.  The buyer of the gun said it was a ” piece of history’ . It should be noted that Zimmerman is donating a portion of the money to a few black charities. For whatever that is worth.

I don’t know exactly what it is about this deal, but it does not feel right. I think it is really just pouring salt in the wounds and mocking the tragedy.




Indonesia Says Castrate Or Kill Child Predators

Child Predators Finally Getting What They Need-


It is for sure the most difficult topic to think about and as a parent to imagine. I have seen a lot in this world. I even understand why people do the things they do sometimes. There are people who have been through very hurtful childhoods and do things in response to those experiences.

Taking an innocent child, powerless to help themselves, and forcing yourself on them causing unimaginable physical and emotional pain, for your own pleasure? It is just not anything I can find a reason to justify no matter what the circumstances. It seems to me that anyone with a human soul would first slit their own wrists than even consider the thought.

It has always been a mystery to me why predators are ever released from prison. The data is very clear that the repeat rate is very high. So I applaud Indonesia for at least making a move in the right direction. Better late then never.




At Any Cost-Very Sad.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — First it was ice and now it’s fire. The latest YouTube challenge involves people intentionally setting themselves on fire. It’s called “The Fire Challenge” and young people across the country are taking it in droves, CBS2’s Elise Finch reported. They pour flammable liquid on their body then set themselves on fire, just…

via Queens Boy Suffers From Burns On Over 40 Percent Of Body After Attempting Viral ‘Fire Challenge’ — CBS New YorkCBS New York


Here it is. More evidence of just how far kids will go for some attention. Whatever it takes. If you are a parent, understand that your child will want attention, and if they don’t get it from you in a positive way, they will get it another way. Make no mistake they will get it. Beat them to it, give your kids some positive reinforcement and time as much as possible.




It Took A Bunch Of Bull-But I Get It Now.


jesse clous 9
Jesse-Cloud 9

Life is certainly a roller coaster and can blast us with some very hurtful things. We begin to dwell on them, convincing ourselves that we are the only ones suffering, We start preparations for a pity party we will throw. We start speaking only the negative in our lives and take the great for granted.

Sometimes if we take just a minute to see what has been going on while we have been pouting, we realize that it was us who took our eyes of what is important, it did not go anywhere.

18 years ago, my 2nd son was born. He has quietly been making his way to his goals and I have been keeping track and cheering him on. Today as I celebrate his graduation from High School, I am reminded of what has been going on behind the scenes. Turns out it is pretty good! Congratulation to my 2 time champion bull rider, who is living the dream he asked God to get to live many years ago. Today he is a professional bull rider heading to the big show- the ” Danged Old Rodeo” as Garth would say.

It is amazing how faithful God is to us-even through our tantrums.

I am mega- proud of you Jesse, and who you put first in your life. I love you son.









Cigarettes Kill. Offended? So Does Homosexuality – Offended?

Many people think that saying homosexuality is wrong, is hate speech and have therefore adopted a tolerance toward the whole issue. Aside from the obvious scriptural teaching that says homosexuality and lesbianism is sin, consider some of these facts: Homosexuals average living twenty years less than their heterosexual counterparts.1 THINK OF THAT! The government mandates that health warnings be put on cigarette packages, and smoking, on average, takes ten years off a person’s life.2 That means that on average, homosexuality reduces a person’s life 200 percent more than cigarette smoking. If there was any objectivity on this issue, people would speak out against homosexuality twice as much as they do against cigarettes.

However, the homosexual community tries to portray their lifestyle as normal, like the traditional couple next door. That is an absolute lie. Statistics show that domestic violence among homosexuals is 300 times greater than traditional couples.3 Suicide is 200 percent greater, and depression among homosexuals is 50 percent greater than heterosexuals.4

Some argue that these statistics are so high because homosexuals are denied acceptance in our culture. But look at societies like the Netherlands where homosexuality has been legalized for years. The rate of psychiatric illness is statistically similar to countries that haven’t granted this recognition to homosexuals.5 Therefore, that argument dies.

In the states that have allowed homosexual marriages, such as Vermont, only about 25 percent of homosexuals have availed themselves of marriage.6 Think about this—43 percent of homosexuals have had sex with 500 partners or more in their lifetimes. And 28 percent of homosexuals have had 1,000 or more sexual partners.7 That is HUGE! They aren’t moral people who want committed relationships. These statistics show that the majority of homosexuals are not “normal” by any measurement but their own. Their lifestyle is not only destructive to themselves but also to society.

When the spiritual effects of homosexuality are factored in, this is one of the most destructive lifestyles possible. It’s not a hate crime to say homosexuality is wrong any more than it’s a hate crime to say smoking is hazardous to one’s health. It’s just the truth. If we truly loved those trapped in homosexuality, we would speak out on this issue.But those who are telling the truth have been branded as hate mongers when just the opposite is true. Those who endorse homosexuality are burying their heads in the sand of “political correctness” and encouraging destructive behavior.

Leviticus 19:17 says,

“Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him.”


I am embarrassed for the bands like Springsteen, Pearl Jam , Maroon 5 and others who are loudly and proudly refusing to play in NC because of this transgender law. What they really are saying is ” We support your early death and depressed life” – If they only knew they would be ashamed. They are not helping anyone.

Walk In On My Kid ? You Just Saved A Bunch On Surgeries.


It is truly amazing and sickening that any parent of a human child would be so heartless as to punish the kid for life. Pretending gender is a menu option like choosing your days clothes or picking out some things at the buffet.-

According to the American Pediatric Association, it is  child abuse to lead a child to believe that gender is a choice. It is a life sentence of painful surgeries and castration . A lifetime full of depression and a much greater chance  to be an addict and or suicide victim than the rest. I have seen crazy in these times we are in, but come on. You do not have to be Columbo to crack this one. 

Did you people just fall out of the stupid tree and bang your head on every branch on the way down? Go splash some water on you face. ( Use your own restroom). We all have issues, but this here, man oh man if you are ok with this, you really should check into your past family life As they say the apple does not fall far from the tree. Are you the same parents who let Uncle Stan spend some ” special” time with your little ones when he visits and tell her her just loves her alot when she finally asks what is going on?



God help these children.




Hey God!- Tell Your People To Back Off. We Are Atheists!

If we came from monkeys, where did they all go?




 ( somewhere in space……..)

Wormwood to Houston, Wormwood to Houston COME IN! We got a problem and I don’t know what to do. We just got the school job done, it was easy and they totally banned the prayer with His name in it for good! The bad news is that just as soon as we got that job done, another one of those religious nut job singers popped up. She is getting lots of pub too. How should we handle her? What way should we come in from? Marriage? Illness? She does have kids-we could always do what we did with that pastor freak last year! Well, just let me know soon because she getting all these people to believe in Him. We will lose half of our bounty in hell if we allow this. I am out for now.


Wow. Seems a little crazy and hard to understand right? it. The whole battle thing , heaven and hell, demons, Jesus claiming to be the only way to go to heaven and be forgiven. It is so far-fetched to think that we have this big war for souls going down in the invisible world.. Ooh, like the boogeyman, lol.. Anyhow  I am not a very religious guy. I have no problem with people who are, it just ain’t for me.

That smart guy in the wheelchair said we came into being after a cosmic explosion of super dust, then a fish crawled one day out of the water ( like 4 zillion years later) then gradually became a man over the next several billion years. We are products of a big bang. If some people need a comfy blanket like an imaginary creator, good for them. It’s not my cup of tea. I mean, you would have to be pretty far out there to believe in God, when all the evidence says evolution.

Well, no matter what you feel about those invisible battles, we do not have to worry because the war is in our face now, all the time. I say we as Americans need to fish or cut bait. Decide once and for all if we want the name of a ” creator”mentioned in public. It has now come down to what are we the people going to do. For me, I see 2 big problems that at some point will have to clash in a major way. Take the following 2 situations.-

New Christian singer is coming out swinging for Jesus. Loud and proud.”I am coming out strong for JESUS world!


However on a more somber note Lord our King, the people have spoken and have decided that you well, that you simply are not. Therefore no prayers to you. This article fresh off the press says that you, Lord God are not welcome in our discussion.


Well these 2 scenarios are as real as it gets and they are going on  today in America. So, whats it going to be? We will have to come to some understanding about these issues, we are parents after all. I was thinking about the Target bathroom deal yesterday and how it would hit my children. i don’t know for sure, but I will tell you this; on the other side of this coin, I would be livid if my kids got brainwashed about some God, and then I caught them praying or even sneaking off to some youth group.

I think not. I just don’t know how I would handle my kids worshipping a ” god”. What if they lost their tolerance and became bigots like these others? No. I cannot risk it. On the other hand, having my kid go to the same restroom as a She/Man? What is the worst thing that could happen? As long as I don’t catch one of my kids praying. Praying just, well it just rubs me wrong. A fruit loop cross dresser now and again is harmless in comparison-who are we to judge how they were made? I mean for us to judge them by what side of the cosmic duster they came out of? I can handle that.

And now to all of us in the world. What will our decision be with all this? We had better make a plan and soon. Last time I checked, the most effective way for cults to take down the church was to divide and conquer. I don’t think right and wrong came from a cosmic morality explosion. I do not believe that we are just here. I have seen evidence of the opposite. I will end with a thought that everyone should give serious consideration.

Does the fact that the name, just the name of Jesus has the kind of power to send shivers down people’s spines in public? You can say Thor, Joe Smith, or the buddha all day and never get a dirty look. How come? Lastly but probably the most overlooked of all. If God is not why in the world would anyone care what they might see on the way to the store? A wooden cross? Ooh, scary.?

Why spend millions of dollars to get crosses taken down, prayer taken from school, ceremonies with Jesus in them? It doesn’t bother me a bit when people from all over the world show up here where I live for a star wars convention, or a spiderman conference. I wonder why? I know, could it be that I know they are not real, and pose no threat to me? Who cares if some people want to gather and pretend for 2 days they know superman?

On the contrary we all know the anger and hostility that can come over crosses or bibles. If God was not real then why be offended by a symbol that another uses to worship? I think I have come to know the answer, but it did not come easy. Running around malls yelling the names of dozens of religious figures to see who gets offended at what is not easy. Speaking the name of buddha while in a grocery line and following it up with a casual mention of Jesus. Never have I had anyone even look at me for any names any name accept Jesus that is. Hey it could be a coincidence. Either way, I do have a confession to make. I actually do not believe in such thing as an ” atheist”. I do however believe that a whole bunch of us would rather not be reminded of God. Out of site, out of mind? Maybe that is the thinking.

But for the blood of Jesus, I am no better than they are and I still have no place to judge. I can keep praying though. Heck, that’s why I am still alive, someone was praying. Pay it forward-

Keeping it Legit! He isn’t our ” Co-pilot” either…lol – He is running the whole show and one day He said everyone that has breath will confess Him as Lord. Hey don’t shoot the messenger, I didn’t say it. Just trying to keep it real in this place.

Whirled Peas-







Home Improvement Funny Guy Does Some House Cleaning Of His Own-Why He Turned To Christ And How Cocaine and Alcohol Nearly Cost Him Everything.


The Tool Guy Talks Cocaine, Alcohol and Jesus.



I have seen many episodes of Home Improvement, the hit with Tim Allen that featured him as an obsessed with tools repair and care type guy. I had no idea, that the same guy was released from prison on cocaine trafficking charges just a few years before. I was surely surprised to hear him say he got a call one day from his parole officer  to check in-and a call the next day from a Disney executive asking him if he wanted to join the Disney family. Great to see such tragedy turned around, and even more it is great to see someone who isn’t ashamed to speak the name of  the only one who could have pulled it off.

I think I heard Tim say that the nuts and bolts of it, was that he knew he was here for a purpose and wanted to find out. No more ” Hammer Time “-

Click on the link above -short story and clip with Tim. Good for Tim Allen, cleaned his own house up. We could all use temple cleaning periodically.




3 Easy Ways To Make Parenting 50% Simpler..

There aren’t many things easy about being a parent. From the first public diaper failure as a baby, to the  gentle but convincing talks with your daughter’s new boyfriend about just how much your little girl means to you, while letting him know what a good shot you are in your own subtle way. Some things are just unavoidable, and things we all have to navigate through on our own. There are many things however that have already been tried and tested, and the methods that do and do not work are etched in stone.

Parenting is hard enough so why add extra burden when it is not needed? We do it everyday and spend the rest of our lives complaining about why it was so hard. So in this post, I am laying out 3 sure-fire methods that if implemented will take 50% of the average parent’s stress away quickly. These arent ” tips ” or ideas I came up with. The following are 3 ways that will change things for the better. I can guarantee it. The 3 I chose for this post are a few of many that exist. I would ask that those of you who are serious about getting change in your home, and do implement this-please share your success stories here. I know from the feedback I have received that thousands of you are looking for answers. Lets start here and and who knows, maybe a group for parenting will come of it. Maybe an on-going series. Let me know how it is going!

The “nuggets” as I call them are methods that I have gathered in the 20 years in the field of Social Work. In this 20 years I have been a foster parent to about 35 teenagers over a 5 year period. I have also worked in an outpatient setting for a psychiatrist, more of a clinical environment. Then I served as an administrator for an alternative school for expelled youth. Finally, I was asked to open a school for expelled youth, design a behavior program, implement a clinical component and hire and train 40 staff members to work with these youth. All of these kids had been expelled from public school, sent to a school for expelled youth, kicked out of there and the county was left with nowhere to send them.

Although not my only jobs, I consider them to be game changers in that I learned something significant enough to dare to share. Along with raising my own 4 children I have had a pretty well-rounded view of parenting. I also should add that the youth I worked with had very severe disabilities or disadvantages, physically and socially. Every diagnoses you can imagine from every demographic as well. With that said, I must point out that I stake no claim to invention of these methods. I do not want credit for creating something that I did not create. I do not claim to have all the answers, and just to cover all my bases, I am not a perfect parent, I have made more mistakes than many.

I am simply a gatherer of the scraps that have fallen off of the tables of the great minds. Over the years I have put the ones that work in one pile and the ones that don’t in another. I believe in sharing anything I can that will make other’s lives easier and I hope they will do the same. So if I some how come off as if I have got it all together, I do not. I have the same scars other parents have. I choose to view them and remind myself not of the hurt and the wounds, but as a reminder that I made it out , and the scars are proof.

Now let’s get started. This is for the serious and those willing to actually follow through with these methods, it is for the parent who has reached the point, you know the one. Something has to give.The first nugget is this;

1- Catch them being good.

I was facilitating a parenting class a few years ago when I asked the group to raise hands if they could think of 5 things that their child did that irritated them. Hands flew up so fast I felt a breeze. After that I asked the group to raise hands and share 5 things their child did that made them happy. Only one hand went up and she thought I had asked a different question so that hand did not even count. Silence . The reason is that we have all become excellent at finding what is wrong in others, but when it comes to finding what is right, we are generally stumped. Not all the time, but much of it.

The why and the how

Why? Why is it so important to start identifying and praising the good behaviors in your child? The cold hard facts are that kids are just like us adults. The more criticism they get the more beat down they get, and the less likely you will see any long-term change in their behavior pattern. The secret is this; instead of trying to  catch them being ” bad” – identify what you think ” good ” is, and start looking for them to do that. Even set them up for it once in a awhile. Instead of making 15 critical comments to them every day, try finding 15 things that are positive, things you want to see more of, and point those out each day.

For example if you never get any eye contact from little Johnny , start watching for anytime he does make eye contact, then offer a sincere word of praise, like ” thanks for looking me in the eye Johnny”. Begin to train your brain to see the behaviors you want to see instead of the ones you do not want to see. Eventually it will become second nature to see when your child does something you like them to do. The reason why this small adjustment brings huge change if done consistently? It is because it is a proven fact that negative reinforcement does not bring long-term change in behavior. Just as you do not feel more and more like giving your boss a hug when they tell you what a loser and how sloppy your desk is each day, nor does a child feel like pleasing the parent as they are shamed day after day.

The answer? The answer is quite simple. As mentioned earlier, select several behaviors you would like to see more of. Small and simple ones are fine to start. Make a point of catching them showing these behaviors, and quickly make it known that you noticed and you liked it. Do not buy them a new bike each time they do something good, but do make sure your words are genuine or they will know. The rationale; positive reinforcement is proven to change behavior patterns for good. It really is that simple.

#2- Define what ” good” and ” bad” are – what specifically do you want?

When I was 10-11 years old, I had a friend name Bobby. His parents were so cool. Every time I was over there his parents were cracking jokes, cussing up a storm and heck , they even thought it was funny when we cussed. Come to think of it his dad laughed when he caught us outside the back door trying to smoke one of the cigarettes we stole from him. He thought it was very funny. The problem was, is my mom did not, for some weird reason think the way Bobby’s daddy did. This led to some uncomfortable moments for me. I will leave it at that. Some specific expectations needed to be defined.

So what was ” good” to one set of parents was for sure not ” good” to another. At my age I just assumed that all parents kind of expected the same thing. I was wrong. Here is where this awesome tool of social skills come in. It is the most elementary sounding idea, with the most collegiate results. There are around 20-25 basic social skills although there may be 100 or more in print. For the purpose of this post I will take just 3 of the most basic ones and use them.

# 3 -Implement specific social skills ( start with these)

1- Following Instructions

a-look at the person

b- say ok

c- do the task

d-check back

2- Accepting No

a-Look at the person

b-Say Ok ( no eye rolling, loud voice , or comments other than ok)

3- Appropriately Disagreeing

a-In a calm voice, request to disagree

b- after 5 minutes and using a calm voice explain why you disagree

If you will sit down with your child (age does not matter)-and go over these skills with the steps as the new ” good” for everyone to go by, everyone will have something in common as a goal. It may feel childish at first, but trust me, these skills have saved me from losing more than one job early in my career when I did think I had all the answers!

From then on, whenever you give your child something they need to do, you may need to reiterate, or  label the skill in order to keep it fresh in both of your minds. This way when they do as you asked, you can give them praise for specific things they did, like looking at you , or doing the task. Once these praises and terms become the norm in your home, the frustration of what is ” good ” and ” bad” is taken out of the picture as it is clearly identified.

You tell Suzy to please clean her room by 5pm. She comes to you at 4:50pm and tells you she is done. You go back with her take a quick peek, and say ” Thanks Suzy you did an awesome job following instructions! You keep this up and I am going to have to talk to your dad about those new skates you want!”

(This is not a bribe, and is NOT used all the time, but just as a reminder to your child that the more she keeps doing as you ask, the more time you have to look into things she wants) Never paint yourself in a corner by trying to “buy” you child’s obedience. Not only does it backfire every single time on many levels but you lose their respect. (That is another post ..)

The nuggets above are fool-proof. Money back guaranteed. The idea of this post is to present some proven parenting methods to readers and see how many of you all will take a small bit of time out of your life, and implement these in your home. As I have said, I did not invent them, but I have lived them in at least 5 different settings. I have seen the other ways, and I can honestly say that by far these are the easiest and most effective methods I have encountered. Of the thousands of youth I have worked with, I can think of a small percentage of them who did not respond to these. They were children that had disabilities so severe that clinical intervention was the only way. From teenage gang members, to average teenagers with typical teen behaviors-from youth from a wealthy and healthy upbringing to those who came form the hard streets and were selling drugs by age 7, it makes no difference.

We all love to be praised. I love it when lots of people take the time to like my post or make a positive comment. No shame in my game! Praise works in any color, size, race or religion. It just feels good.

The information I have written here is hardly enough to call comprehensive. There is so much more that follows and works. This is a sampler. If you like it, let me know and more importantly, share your success stories. If we have enough parents really giving this a shot, I would like to create a group for those interested, and of course I will answer any questions you may have. The use of the methods I have outlined and will expand on in future posts, is not only valuable in that it shapes behavior. It is more then that.

Like most of us, who don’t have thousands of dollars to roll the dice on all kinds of psychiatrists, and counseling or double top-secret new Shock Therapy  – this is the very first place parents need to run to. You do not need special training, and it costs nothing . Not to mention the results are outstanding.

In closing, let me say again, I am not against doctors, counselors, or professionals in the field of mental health/social work. I work in the field! We need all of the above mentioned professionals. However we need to be careful to use the least restrictive method possible when addressing behaviors. After all we arent dealing with cars, or bicycles, we are caring for human beings and we arent guarenteed second chances for careless choices.

The purpose of this project is to being awareness to the damage already done, sometimes meaning life and death and prevent it from happening. especially in the name of money.







LGBT Clergy Community; ” What Church Order?”

We Are Gay and We Will Stay!

Its official folks. The LGBT community commanded attention this week when they simply decided they had enough of these ” House Rules” in their churches. Although audience is mixed on this, the clergy say that they ” shocked” their superiors and paved new paths for themselves. No argument here.

In similar news the NEFA ( Northeast Felons Alliance) has decided that they will be lobbying for fairness when it comes to certain crimes being felonies instead of misdemeanors. Armed robbery, and Aggravated assault w/deadly weapon are just 2 of the charges they will seek to have reduced to misdemeanors. When asked for a quote from the current President of the Alliance, he said ” Do the math. There are simply too many of us committing this crime to consider us fringe anymore” “For many of us this has been in the family for years”.

And around Washington this week;

Finally, speaking on the condition of anonymity, a very well known politician currently seeking office is standing behind similar efforts, in her corner, to enforce privacy laws, as they pertain to emails, subpoena of emails., court orders related to emails, and all work related emails.

The candidate, who says we all need privacy, stands behind her plea, and says she practices what she preaches, even taking up for her own husband!

(She has been known to yell out at security detail ” Hey watch out for my husband” – emphasizing the personal nature of the proposal.)


That’s all for today and for today that’s all!




And Finally Lord, Please Bless My Work For You…

This post may have a some religion type stuff in it, so if you are easily offended, well then I urge you to continue reading. Just kidding of course, I urge everyone who shares my opinion to read my work. It, to me is just part of being humble, is it not? Anyhow, today I thought I would broach the topic of prayer, doing the work of God, and how the two are connected, if at all.

Some time ago when I was just in my twenties, I was really determined to find God’s will for my life, accomplish it, and add a few things I had on my short list to it for good measure. It started out fairly well, as I entered into study of the Bible and lots of ancillary books that helped me understand some of what I was reading. After a year or two I really felt like I had a good foundation and I was excited to start sharing my new-found wisdom with others.

I worked in a setting where I was around teenagers and adults all day, many whom had never even been to church. I had pretty much made up my mind that I was going to make those people my assignment from God. I mean, I had not told Him yet, but surely this is the work of God, telling others about the Grace and Mercy of the Father in heaven. So I pressed on, making strategy after strategy to draw these people into an interest in God, especially the teenagers.

I came in day after day with a new item to draw them close to God. One day I would slip on a Hip Hop Christian cd, in hopes the teens would get into it, and the next I might casually slip in a movie like Left Behind, instead of the usual blood and guts flicks we watched. I remember taking a trick from mom’s playbook and passing out scripture cookies, (instead of fortune cookies) with Chinese dinner.Surely souls were being won left and right- I thought.

Days, weeks and even months passed, and nothing. Not one person asked me to tell them the story of the cross. Nobody dropped to their knees and broke down with their life story of hard living and now redemption. Actually when I really looked at things objectively, I think the behaviors and attitudes actually got worse over the last few months. How discouraging those times were for me. I had arranged for everything those people did each day to almost always include a ” Jesus Moment” that I put together.

I gradually became dismayed and decided I would have to do it I was going to have to go to the Lord and break the news, that He was not blessing my work enough. The people were just not moved. I was going to relax for a week or so, and drop back and punt after I had the talk with the Lord. I remember that about 2 days after I gave up on my strategies to draw teens to God, I was sitting at my desk, with my feet up, playing with a paper clip and shooting paper trash hoops in my office. No Christian books, no Jesus tee-shirt on that day and heck I think I even had country music on that day instead of Christian.


I was just about to get up and call the kids in for dinner when around the corner to my office peeked a familiar face. It was Julie, a 17 year old runaway type who had been living at our home about a year. I knew her well, since she was known for exercising her right NOT to attend church with us on Sundays, or pray before dinner. Secretly she was one that I was not sure God could reach through me, even with the Christian movies and scripture cookies. She was a tough one and I could only guess at what she was up to now.

She proceeded to sit down next to me, and with a tear in her eye ask me to tell her if Jesus would really forgive her for her sins. WHAAAT? Wrong day! I had the previous weeks marked for such a time as this! The timing of this was all off. ” Lord, (I thought) we must work on the timing”. At any rate, she was serious and I told her what the cross was about and she went on to be touched by God in the next weeks and was even baptized ..That was awesome, but I just did not get the timing, after all I was not even working for God that day.

As it turns out God did not need me to touch Julie. The Holy Spirit would do that, I just needed to be available. Even playing with paperclips and paper trash balls, God was able to do something. This was really throwing a wrench in all that I had planned for God to do with my people. Since that time I have learned alot about what my part is and what God does in all this. It seems that my job is to draw close enough to Him, that I will be able to hear the whisper of His voice when it is time to talk to someone or help someone. When I am too busy shouting instructions to God on how to salvage this person or that person, it turns out He wants me to just rock steady where I am at, so I can learn to be obedient

Life has been much different since then! I do not have to arrange for things to be in place for God to work in the lives of others. I can even be playing with paperclips and He still can operate without me! I just need to be available, and this other thing focus on the plank in my eye and not the spec of dust in my brother’s. He is always talking to me about the ” plank” At any rate, the pressure is off of us to dig up stuff for God to bless. It works better when we quiet down, curl up next to Him, and wait for the still small voice which tells us where He is headed next, so we can be there too.


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