Subway Sicko Jerod Claims Subway Diet Gave Him Acute Pedophilia

Sadly I cannot even say Im surprised, but It always takes me back when I think of what perverted and twisted pedophiles do to children I generally believe in rehabilitation but I have yet to hear even a theory about how to cast that demon from hell out of people.
The tbings that Fogle did long term and caught on tape are repulsive. There is not a chance of survival for anyone who touches one of my kids. As a matter of fact I have already thought out whuch body parts I would chop off while I remind them of what they did. It would be a long, slow death with full experience of the horror of being a victim of that type.
Sexual selfishness is one thing. Invading and degrading the emotional and physical vulnerability of a helpless child is not on my list of things that one can do and be rehabilitated. It’s maybe the only thing that seems to never leave the predator; the sick desire to have sex with small children. No matter how much jail time,consequences, or death threats, the records show they would repeat in a New York second. It happens every day.

What is just as criminal is the fact that money works in favor of the lowest form of life. Fogle was arrested quietly, brought to sentencing very quickly, maybe a month. He paid a million bucks to 10 of his victims quietly, and somehow, some way, he managed to squeeze by with a 15 year sentence. I believe his crimes call for 50 years. Not many people know all of what he was involved in as the media did not make it a top priority as it should have been. He is recorded on tape for a period of 4 years telling the other person of his flings with 6 and 7 year olds by flying out-of-state , paying parents large sums to let him do his disgusting thing.Thousands of child pornography images on his computer, and much more that I wont go into because I hate throwing up in my mouth.

My dilemma is this; I am a fan of forgiveness. I believe in repentance. I am only forgiven myself because of the shed blood of Jesus. I’m a sinner like everyone. My bible says forgive much, but the sinner cannot continue in the hurtful sin.
So in the case of drug addicts or alcoholics, there are options for treatment. Peop!e do change sometimes. I just havent heard anything about sex offenders changing, stopping, or even being remorseful.
With that said, I have to wonder how and why ANY child predator would be set free over and over again just to repeat the same behavior. Honestly I have often thought that every sex offender should be instantly put to death like John Wayne Gacy who was executed by firing squad after it was discovered that he had body after body of dead and raped children in his basement.
Why doesnt every pedophile get that treatment? After all if we all had a choice to be caught in a dark alley with a child rapist or a Ponzi scheme king,I think we would choose the con man. My child could recover much quicker from being “Ponzied” then being raped and or killed. Yet we keep the tax fraud and white-collar criminals in the hole for decades, and let the violent sex offenders out in half that time!

So my question is, if there is no viable chance of rehab or remorse with the pedophiles, why don’t they get put down immediately after they are proven guilty,? They took a life of a child whether they actually murdered them after raping them or not.
Most victims of that type of abuse never recover, and many end up taking their lives when they get older and realize how wounded they are. My own brother chose that route and it is a lie to think the sexual assault and the problems that come later in life due to it are not related. There is no ” getting over ” sexual molestation. It causes confusion with identity, sexual issues that can prevent intimacy with a spouse and much more.
The shame alone can be unbearable and interrupt daily functioning.
Jarod Fogle is not a guy who made some mistakes in his life. He is cold-blooded molester with ice in his veins. We all have skeletons,but most of us do whatever it takes to stop hurting others. There is a big difference between hating your behavior,attempting anything possible to change-and just hating the fact the you were caught.
This just confirms what I have always believed about people who reject the idea of God and the idea that each of his children are special.It really is evidence of atheism, in that the benefit atheists have while on earth is that they can create their own conscious . No rules, whatever feels good goes and no conviction or remorse at all.
I think those offenders should die and while they wait in prison they should not be in protective custody. After all, did the child have protection when they came around? Let me know how you vote on this.

Addiction=Disease-Treat It Accordingly.


I have long wanted to say what I am about to say. However I hesitated in the past because I truly wonder if people who are not familiar with addiction have any clue what it involves. I am referring to addiction, not ” partying” -I am talking about people that for whatever reason find themselves in the prison of the dark night of the soul. A bondage that is all too powerful when it is realized and usually finds the addict all too weak when it strikes.

A few things that need to be said to the general, non-addicted public about how you should view an addict. First, love the addict, hate the addiction. Next, don’t you dare tell an addict to ” straighten up” or ” just stop” – that is unless you would walk right into the cancer ward and say the same thing to a cancer patient. You think that is extreme? Not so much. I can tell you that every single day, people kill themselves rather then face withdrawals from drugs. Last week in my area 2 young people, ages 19 and 20 were jailed on separate incidents. Minor incidents, misdemeanor type crimes that were first offenses.

The problem was, the jail staff didn’t take either of them seriously when they pleaded in pain for relief as they were experiencing unplanned drug withdrawal form opiates after extended time on them. That can be deadly. Rather then face any more of the grueling pain, both hung themselves in their cell. Kids, just kids who probably had no idea what they were facing or that they would be arrested, only to find themselves without medical care when death was near.

This is not an isolated incident, and I am not trying to take responsibility off of the user. What I am trying to say is this; But for the Grace of God, there goes YOU and ME. That’s right, you and me. Just because our weaknesses may not be as visible as a drug addicts, that gives us no right to think of ourselves any better then they are. I see daily the veterans being carted off to JAIL after being caught with open beer cans or public drunkenness. Do we need public drunkenness? Of course not. Is jail going to do anything at all to change it? Of course not. Why would you take a mentally ill, alcoholic, and stick him or her in a jail cell with a warning to cure thyself quickly? Really? I know in my experience both professionally and personally it was no overnight and easy task to accomplish sobriety or help others to do so. It was hell. Death and thoughts of the relief of death were abundant.

The addict has forgotten more pain and suffering then the average person will ever know. The daily routine of self-hatred, guilt, shame. hopelessness is taxing on even the strongest most positive minds. The fact that your friends at AA or NA -well at least 95% of them will fail. They will drink and drug again- 95% the statistics show. Where does the hope come from you may be wondering? It sure does not come from judgmental, self-righteous family and friends who look down on the addict. The only hope an addict has is whatever support system they have believing in them and telling them so. Does it mean you enable them? Of course not. Can you help find them a treatment center and write them once a week? I hope so. It is the very little things, the glimmers of hope that keep an addict pushing forward even after so many stumbles that nobody is supporting you anymore.
If you ever watched the old Rocky movies, you will remember a time in the ring when Rocky was getting pounded into the ground. Relentlessly the opponent slammed him and knocked him to the mat. The response from Rocky? He bounced up like some kind of energizer bunny- never missed a beat. Now I know that those punches to the face had to hurt very badly, so it wasn’t the absence of pain that made him get up. It was his resolve, his determined mindset that staying down just was not an option. Taking that out of the equation, he had only to plan what his next moves would be, not deciding if he would quit. Not an option.

If an addict is fortunate enough to have a few people to support them in recovery, and they adopt the Rocky mindset, getting clean is a real possibility. Sometimes, like a little child would do, the addict when going through the hardest parts of treatment, will look up to their support system in an attempt to get a feel for whether the support system even thinks they can do it. Just by encouraging them, believing in them, praying with them, you can make a major difference in the outcome. I have been around thousands of addicts in my life, and been one too. One thing I will say is that almost all of the ones I talked to had very little hope. They often saw death as a relief and wished for it. Many only tried because they had a family they wanted to get clean for. That is noble, but it does not lessen the grip addiction can have on a person.
I feel fortunate to be alive. Each day I remember the challenges I faced and the seemingly endless hurdles always in front of me. I can still hear the gossip of my detractors, who would keep tabs on me just to mock me if I failed. However in spite of them, I had a few, a handful of people who loved me. They hate the addiction, but they loved me. When all my other friends were quickly walking away from me because they didn’t want to be embarrassed, that handful was leaning down propping me up and many times helping me take showers when I was too weak, or making me a meal. Wow did that feel good. Unconditional love. It does not happen much anymore.
I don’t know if the government will ever wake up and start treating the diseased as if they had diseases, or if they will keep blindly tossing them in jail or what. I do know that if you have a loved one who is addicted, maybe you wrote them off or cut them off. Sometimes you have to cut the addict off, that’s understandable. It doesn’t cost anything to love them though. Not a penny to encourage them or pray for them, or write them a note reminding them of their talents. As a matter of fact if you think real hard you may even remember that you have flaws too. Maybe not outward and obvious, so they are hidden. No different. We are all vulnerable to failure- but if we stand around pointing fingers at others, we just become prideful. Pride, as you know, comes before a fall. Lets be humble, understand that the addict needs hope and encouragement more then anyone-and be sure of this; if there were any way possible for them to quit themselves, they would have, long ago. Its a terrible thing to live your life imprisoned like that and unless you have live it, don’t judge it.