Jenner- Psychiatry or Surgery?

It’s got to be addressed. If you are a parent, this Bruce / Brenda Jenner thing is unavoidable.

There must be a line we draw when we see crazy people, without blowing it off as being  ” intolerant ”

I already have to try and explain to my girls why they even have to know what a pedophile is. I have to answer questions that should never be asked, but for the absolute loss of any moral code in this country. Of course the fish always stinks from the head down, but nevertheless it stinks.

The politician in Indiana requested that people get the freedom to talk about their faith or whatever, just as those that live a homosexual lifestyle are making sure they have rights. This guy has been hit hard saying he must be a bigot . What? Because he wants all to have freedom?

I am ashamed that my kids have to see this world right now. Little lesbians in middle school, Transgender rights for 15 year olds….

Ill just keep it real hear and tell you that if one of my boys had come to me while growing up and said they wanted to be a woman, I would have got them to a shrink right away then to church!

It’s insane, just crazy for us to think that our kids are just learning to be ” tolerant ” when they are being brainwashed by the whacked out people who need mental health resources or God, not a gender change. Did the God thing offend anyone? Deal with it. I have to hear about alot worse things each day that you support.

I realize that some may see this as me being a judgemental person. I’m not the judge. But there is one, and it’s pretty clear how he designed things to work, like the man and woman being for each other. I don’t even want to think about what, why, or when 2 men become ” intimate ”

It’s no different then being with a sheep or a goat. It’s not natural.

American pagans trying to justify things like that and abortion are so clueless where they are leading the next generation.

Like I said, I’m no judge, but in my life I call sin-sin and I will always call sin- sin. There are people,( lots of atheists) who go out of their way to indoctrinate this tolerance thing , basically trying to adjust the words of Scripture to this dark world. It doesn’t work that way. We obey scripture and our lives smooth out.

By the way I totally don’t believe in atheists, but that’s another post.

I just wonder, I really wonder if there are other parents like me, having to shamefully explain to their kids so many things they say on a daily basis.

I hope parents aren’t buying the tolerance thing. That tolerance thing will end up destroying our grandkids.

It’s time for people to man-up and shout  ” enough is enough “.

Straight from the top in this country we have constant dishonesty and immorality spewing from the highest office.

It’s spreading fast and we are seeing the fruit of it now. Pray for this country that we would turn back to God and gave His favor on us again.

If you are an  ” atheist ” just pretend.

In today’s society, the parent must go out if their way to explain why things are wrong, because if you let them watch television and listen to the radio enough, I promise you they will develop their own ideas of what is ok.

Sometimes I feel like I’m truly a sea turtle trapped in a man’s body, but I overcome.

Is there any limit to anything anymore? If so, who is got what it takes to stand up to it?

What I am seeing is a pathetic group of followers who will wonder why in 10 years their little girl wants to run away wat with another girl and sell beads in Hawaii. Don’t shake your head then, because  now is the time to reveal the truth to them so they know right from wrong.

As a bit of trivia, the Catholic Church has Billions of dollars set aside to settle all the molestation cases constantly surfacing .

What’s more amazing, is there recently was a law or church guideline that the police no longer need to be involved if it’s a priest on alter boy issue. They will ..umm handle it $ within $ the church….

That’s the direction we are headed.  Now, in closing I will point out that I have personal experience with consequences of this tolerance thing.

My brother was molested by a Priest. When he was old enough to realize what had been going on, he walked out the door of our house and put a bullet in his head.

I found dozens of letters from this priest that were very inappropriate.

You know what? When I showed the church, they suddenly transfered him and it was never mentioned again. He still serves as a priest/pedophile in another state.

It’s not just one issue, it’s our total loss of moral code .


Author: (Don't Label My Kid! Coaching & Counseling Team)

Social Worker- Mental Health, Addictions, and Behavioral health- Leadership Educator-, Juvenile Justice. A variety of coaching. I have a great desire to help others make it through times that I myself have had to navigate. I understand the process, the pain,and the support needed. I, and the rest of my team all have both the formal education to coach others but more importantly we also have the life experience which allows us to relate to all the phases and hurdles that come with recovering from issues like depression, addiction, domestic violence, spiritual confusion, and much more. I feel that the combination of formal training and life experience allows us to meet those we help every point of need- in a real way.

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  1. Jesus Christ You are one hell of judgemental person. If you’re an atheist, just pretend? Just pretend to be what? Pretend to believe there is a God when you don’t believe there is one? Because it is what you believe? Pretend there is no diversity in people because your sensitive brain can’t handle it? Its people like you who have caused all he hate bashing and intolerance in the world because people like you think that others who don’t conform to your ideas somehow would be cleansed of their differences if they just got right with God? That idea has been pushed throughout the ages has caused more wars and death than anything else and it hasn’t worked yet because people like you think they have the right to decide what is right or wrong. People like you became people like Hitler. And he thought he was a good Christian who thought he was doing God’s work by wanting to eliminate people he thought were inferior and nearly the entire race of pure white people backed him, including the money makers in the US. Judgmental?? You get over it. People like you think you have the right to bash people who aren’t like you. You want to teach your children they don’t exist, or that there is something “wrong” with them? People like you make me really glad I’m not like you. Why stop at gays and transgendered? Are you racist too? I’m assuming you are white because you sure sound like you’re the kind of person who if your daughter chose a black man to love and she had a black baby you’d disowner her or if your child were gay you’d think you could pray it out of them. You would have been the kind of parent who 25 years ago would have turned their back on a gay son who contracted AIDS. I’m glad I didn’t have a parent like you who would rather teach me to be intolerant then teach me there are all kinds of people in the world and their differences don’t maker them any less of a human being than you are. This post you wrote is disgusting.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I always appreciate honesty. First , I’m not the judge. I happen to be in a field where the children of people with these types of issues either become very withdrawn, or commit suicide. Many people don’t realize the impact these things have on kids. I do. For example, here is some trivia for you. The most violent,shortest lasting, highest rate of suicide and drug abuse relationships are the people living a homosexual life .
      Average homosexual man has claimed 500 partners.
      And we are ” judging” because we don’t want our kids to die like that?
      One more thing. A lawyer once told me that he could usually measure the amount of guilt in a person by the amount of defense at the accusations.
      You, and thousands of others seem to get very defensive if Jesus or God is nentioned.
      If I talked on Buddha would it offend you?
      Might be something to check into. Maybe I struck a nerve.

      1. First – I don’t worship Buddha. You can “Talk on him “all you want. I don’t worship the man like Christians worship a dead man on a cross and think he is alive. It is what was taught that counts. My defensiveness is when you use your religion as a means to judge others who aren’t like you. There is nothing I need to think on that you implied by your statement. It is you who are judging, not I. I don’t judge others for their choice. I apply the teachings that were taught. I don’t pretend the Buddha is still alive and talks to people, hears my thoughts and has a plan for me. There are no Buddha statues in my house. Most Christians I have known think they need only believe in God, but the teachings don’t affect the way they live their life. There is so much hate that comes from the Christian community because of judging people not like them. Your Christianity allows you to judge these young people entrusted to your care and you judge them not fit unless they turn to God. Since you are in a healing profession you can very well do more harm than good by making gay children feel there is something wrong with themselves, and if they pray hard enough they can make it go away. When they can’t, they often kill themselves out of guilt. They are told there is something wrong with them. Thank GOD they are learning from other sources that there is nothing wrong with them. Being born gay is not a choice. Some may choose it later in their lives as a life style choice, but those kids – it is the way they were born and all the praying in the world won’t change it, and that has been proven over and over. They try to stuff it down and pretend they are straight, but it doesn’t work. What happens with a young person who isn’t accepted by his peers or his family? You know the answer to that. aren’t accepted by their parents or perhaps their church. (thank GOD not all of them.) What struck a nerve was the fact that you were very judgemental. Why is the suicide rate so high, because of non acceptance, fear that they can’t handle their life because they are different. Loneliness, knowing they are not accepted – by family – at their church perhaps. I understand you have experience working with people, but it seems you have a very narrow viewpoint on how to “fix” them – if they would just get right with God they would change, and it just doesn’t happen like that. If this is what you’re teaching your kids then they will grow up and be the ones that taunt and tease people who are not like themselves. Yes, kids do learn of these things at an earlier age now but if you don’t teach them that not all people are born the same but each deserves respect regardless then we end up with adults that do the hate crimes we so often read about in the news. This has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with being a decent person and teaching your children to be the same.

      2. seems like you are reading the opposite of what I am writing.
        First, I don’t tell the poor victims of abuse or unhealthy homed to get right with God. I pray for their hearts to be healed of what they have experienced.
        It’s NOT normal for men to be with men, or women with women. It was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.
        There is no ” gene ” for homosexuslity anymore then there is a gene for bank robbers.
        Scientifically. If there were a gene, our population would be decreasing not exploding, right?
        Did you know that 80% of abusers have been abused themselves?
        No matter how you spin it, God’s creation is not going to adjust to your belief system. You see. You die and meet Him, not the other way around. Jesus said He is the ONLY way to the Father. That EVERY knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord.
        Those are not my words, but His.
        You will give account as we all will.For now enjoy mother earth,or whatever your into for yor time here.
        You are right about many Christians being hypocrites sometimes. However it doesn’t change the truth about the need for Christ.

      3. No – I don’t thinking I’m reading you wrong. It’s people “like you” who think that their religion is the right one and it gives you right to make other people believe that if they only prayed to God then they’re gayness – or whatever other “Flaw” you perceive your clients to have can magically be healed. You may think this is God’s creation, but that is only what you were taught. That alone means nothing. He doesn’t “have any words”. He has men that have twisted and used, taken out and changed what was written in order to be able to control people. That is why the teaching of karma was removed along with anything else that didn’t serve the purpose at the time. Religion is for control. personally i believe more in Santa Claus then I believe there is an all knowing presence in the heavens that has a path mapped out for me. You drank the kool aid. And if you want to believe it – great, it’s your life. But don’t treat people who come to you for guidance with it and make them feel they are flawed. I have read quite a number of accounts over the years of Christians who “healed” themselves with prayer and now they are straight, and what the after affects are because it isn’t women they desire, it is men and that is simply what it is. To you it is flaw because your religion says it is a flaw. In most cases the religion that people believe in is what their family and community told them was the truth, and if you are told a “truth” enough times it becomes “the” truth to you. That is far different from it actually being the truth. Oh the wonders of god that he can make a fully grown adult out of a lump of clay and name them Adam and Eve and you actually believe it. Many Christians pick and choose the parts of the bible they like and ignore the rest. Do you believe that women should be submissive to men? Do you believe men have the right to sell their daughters? It’s all in there along with much more. Do you ignore those parts? Do you believe ALL all of the bible or just the parts that allow you to judge what is right and what is wrong with other people? You are a major part of what is wrong with the attitudes people have against people who aren’t like themselves. This is what you teach your children ? And with their immature minds growing up want to believe everything you tell them because they think you only speak the truth. They turn around and repeat your words because they believe your flawed judgement. And through that judgement you hurt people by making them think they can change who they are. And please – don’t try to wquate this with choosing to rob a bank. That was a stupid analogy. You would do better by accepting people for who they are and teach themselves to love themselves rather than think they are an abberation of some sort and praying for something “out there” to fix it will actually work. You have the right to believe what you want – but when you carry that over to other people who have perhaps come to you for help and you load them up with the thought that somehow they are flawed, you hurt them. And I don’t care if you believe marriage should be between a man and woman. It is a choice for you and pushing that thought forward only causes more of the hateful and judgmental things people think they have the right to do – like not serve them in their store and many other hateful things Christians do like hold up signs that says “God hates Fags” yeah these are really good Christians who feel they have a right to do that because God says so. Don’t bother answering this. You aren’t someone I wish to know further. And what does this have to do with abusers? This just proves my point. hate begets hate. I suggest you don’t approve this message so people can go on thinking that somehow you have wisdom you don’t have. All you do is repeat what the person before told you and I doubt you ever looked beyond that.

      4. Your very good at stringing words together to justify a certain lifestyle. However convincing you are to yourself or your friends, the fact is – truth never changes. Should Jesus be who He said He is you will get the chance to explain face to face why you reject Him.
        I dont know who or how you were hurt, but it is clear that you have been betrayed by someone who a Christian. Be careful not to through the baby out with the bathwater on this…

      5. Stop trying to analyze me and say things like I must have been hurt by a Christian. That is condescending and shallow reasoning. As far as I believe there is no baby to throw out of the bathwater. There are many similarities between religions in the teachings of how to be a good human. The 10 commandments were taught 1000 years before Moses supposedly talked to God on top of a mountain. Gee I wonder how that could be? With Buddhism the God nature – buddhahood – is within, not out there. Regardless – if you are trying to teach gay clients they need only pray to God and he’ll change it, and when it doesn’t work and they commit suicide because they aren’t a good enough Christian – whose fault is that? Christian parents, teachers and counsellors who make them feel not good enough. This is why I got angry with you. How dare you say it must have been because a Christian hurt me. I deal a all day with people who think they have the answers and if people would only think like them the world would be a better place. And you are helping to raise another generation of people who think like you. It leads to hate crimes and discrimination. Self righteous people who think they have the right to be mean. People who think they have the right to push their religion on the schools because it is what THEY believe. There is little respect from Christians for the faith of anyone but what you believe in. That intolerance goes so far against the lessons that are taught in the Bible. what you fail to see is that you spend so much time worshiping the idea of a God that you missed the point.

        So what lifestyle is it that you think I’m justifying. You don’t have clue. And you have no idea what is true. You only parrot what you were told and there isn’t one shred of evidence beyond wishful thinking. You can only hope is true because you chose to believe in it. Beyond that you have nothing. Your way of thinking is a large part of what is wrong today. Thinking you have the right to change people. If you hurt even one gay man who commits suicide because he couldn’t fix his gayness – that is on your head. cept each person even if they have what you consider to be a flaw – and you will have clients who won’t feel like losers

      6. I don’t think you have read the bible. Jesus ministered to the hurting, drunks, prostitutes. He brought healing to them, not tolerance.
        I’m sad to hear you support any faith. Did you donate to the terrorists who crashed airplanes into our buildings in 9/11? That’s a religion, Islamic terrorists.
        You should study up a little. Abraham Lincoln once said ” I’d rather be thought a fool,then open my mouth and prove it”

      7. I grew up in the Lutheran church so yes, I’ve read the bible. I left it because I saw many people repeating the words but it didn’t affect how the actually lived their lives. The were Christians because it was all they knew. For many, going to church is a social event. Those that practice their faith and actually treat people the way they wish to be treated and under stand that when you reap the effects of the causes you make that it because of your own actions, not because god was dealing out punishment. Your faith should affect how you live your life – you use your to think it gives you the right to hurt people and that you teach your kids the same way. I did not say I support every faith reread what I wrote – I said I respect other people’s choices. Because until we do then we will continue to kill each other. You obviously have never studied any other religion except by maybe trying to prove them wrong. The bottom line for most faiths is to teach you how to be a good human. Now that you’ve shown your true colors with that sarcastic remark about donating to terrorists, you are one of those that believes every muslim is a terrorist. I feel sorry for you. I’m sure there are muslims who feel every Christian is a terrorist, as well. You’rethinking is pathetically small minded.

      8. Well, you are making progress. The growing up in the Lutheran, Catholic or whatever denomination has littlr to do with the outcome of the persons real life. It is merely a memorization school that rarely involved the actual purpose Christ came for, to bring new life to believers. An alter boy has a better chance at getting molested by a priest then told about how to receive Christ as savior.
        I have studied many religions. Religions are fine. Some good guidelines to live by, etc…but there is only one who sacrificed His life and rose from the dead. All of the others are dead.

        By the way, surely you have read the koran? It is very clear that if one is not a muslim, they are to be executed. Sharia law is being pushed here in the states because our own leader is a muslim.
        Do me a favor, do some research, and get back to me. I have others to answer.

      9. Not hatred Disgust for someone who says he is a Christian and teaches intolerance. Pray for yourself and your children that they don’t follow in your footsteps.

      10. oh no – I don’t have a problem with your faith – I have a problem with your “use” of your faith. You are no Christan. I feel sorry for you and sorry for your children because they believe and trust you and you are warping them with the intolerance that you say Jesus never taught. I’m going to put all of your answers into a post and put it out to my Christian friends – even the gay ones – and I’ll see what they think about your brand of Christianity. I’ll get some other opinions. I don’t imagine you’ll get very high marks. Oh, and yes, I take lots of drugs every day. Do you want to know what kind?

      11. You have ” Christian ” friends?Gay ones at that? Odd since the bible calls homosexuaity an abomination to God like being with an animal.Your brand of Christianity doesn’t change truth. And again, I didbt write it, I’m just reading it. Take your disagreements up with God.

      12. The bible also says is okay to sacrifice your children and sell your daughters. Are you going to do that to your kids since it says it’s okay? Is that truth okay to change?

      13. Leviticus 25 – soI’m guessing you also believe it’s okay to buy slaves – and residents. It says that is what is ok in the Bible. How many slaves do you own? Do you think it’s okay to own people?
        1 The LORD said to Moses on Mount Sinai, 2 “Speak to the Israelites and say to them: ‘… 44 Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. 45 You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property. 46 You can will them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life…'” (ouch !!)

      14. Exodus 21:7-11New Living Translation (NLT)

        7 “When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of six years as the men are. 8 If she does not satisfy her owner, he must allow her to be bought back again. But he is not allowed to sell her to foreigners, since he is the one who broke the contract with her. 9 But if the slave’s owner arranges for her to marry his son, he may no longer treat her as a slave but as a daughter.
        10 “If a man who has married a slave wife takes another wife for himself, he must not neglect the rights of the first wife to food, clothing, and sexual intimacy. 11 If he fails in any of these three obligations, she may leave as a free woman without making any payment. soo… Are you going to sell your daughter and take two wives. Good says is okay And don’t pull any crap saying it was okay for that time in history . So either it’s okay our it isn’t. Don’t just pull out the verses you want to harp on. believe in all of them. Don’t pick and choose to condone your intolerance. This is one reason why I am not a Christian and I Do NOT believe in God This was written by man for man’s sake to condone his actions. Many things were removed from the Bible because so it could allow more fear of going to hell. The Bible has been changed depending on what political power needed control. If you want to believe and justify your prejudices you have that right. I only hope you don’t hurt too many people along the way because there is the law of cause and affect. You call it – you reap what you sow . Very strict law. You are just one extremely gullible person if you think you can hurt anyone -even gays – and not have to pay the price. Don’t bother answering. Only more naive stupidity will come out of your brain trying to justify your misguided reasons. I hope you don’t hurt too many people with your self righteous bigotry. Have a nice day and go “help” (hurt) someone else. BTW a slave isn’t just a worker our servant. They were BOUGHT and SOLD. That is NOT like what we have today and you know it. In this supposedly Christian nation we do not buy and sell slaves. The Bible isn’t talking about hiring a maid service.

      15. If you know even a little bit symptoms and healing in general, you should know that there are many behaviors humans practice that are nothing more than the result of a confused upbringing or experience.
        For example, I am sure you agree that pedophilia is wrong. Did you know that 80% of molestor’s were molested, although not 80% go on to molest.
        I am not judging anyone, but saying that there are causes for atypical behavior, and just because the latest buzz word for it is “tolerance” does not make it right.

      16. you are confusing gay with mental illness. being gay is not a “symptom”. You thing being gay just “happened” to him because of what tragic thing in his life/ Something happened and it made him gay? that is bullshit.

  2. First of all, I just want to say how sorry I am to hear about your brother. No child (no matter how old) should endure what your brother went through and then ignored by the church. So very, very sad. Yes, my heart is broken in the way the “Church” is heading, but as the scriptures say, this is not surprising. It is very clear in Revelations how Christians and the Church will respond as well as how the world will get more evil. You are absolutely right in the fact that topics such as transgender issues as well as gay rights and so forth are not subjects we want our children to be exposed to. However, for myself, I have very much discussed these hard topics to my daughters and explained to them that the main reason why so many in the world follow these ideals and lifestyles is because they are very broken. And when you are broken, you will navigate to the things that tickle your ears to make you feel better, even if they are things that will destroy you. But that was the purpose of satan from the very beginning – to rob, kill, and destroy as it says in John 10:10. I can sympathize with you greatly. That is why I had started my blog for parents to expose the truth as well as give them the support and encouragement they need when they have teens in crisis – such as transgender, suicide, self-harm, depression, etc… issues. Keep speaking the truth. There are others who agree with you and are praying for God to intervene and also to quickly come. But in the meantime, I have to keep sharing what God laid on my heart and not give up. Blessings to you!

    1. Thanks for your comment and sharing the way you explain things to your children. The truth is that God loves everyone the same and no matter how confused they are, broken, they have the right to experience the healing light of the Lord. I really appreciate you writing!

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