How To Tell If You Are A Lousy Parent.

I picked my daughter up from school yesterday and I was forced to stare at all the bumper stickers in front of me in line.

This is elementary school . You know , teaching kids manners and respect. I thought so anyways. To my dismay the guy in front of me had a sticker on his truck that read  ‘ My football player can beat up your honor student ‘.

Are you for REAL? You wonder why kids today are violent and disrespectful with no sense of care for others? There are many other stickers like that out there. It’s pathetic. I’m trying to teach my daughter to help others and the hiljack in front of me is teaching his kid to prove his manhood by violence.

I see it on television in the new parents coaching their go- kart kids or soccer reality shows. Stupid insecure and immature parents ruining their kid’s lives. If you ask me the parents need to be taken out back .

We already live in a sick world of pedophile freaks and all that. We don’t need moronic parents. I’m no perfect parent. I just grew up when I had to become a father. Things changed.

People are begging to adopt kids all over and meantime in my town last month alone 3 sets of parents arrested for cooking up some meth with the kids.

Go to rehab. Do what you gotta do. People it’s time to wake up. It is not normal to see 2 12 year old girls holding hands as intimate girlfriends. It’s not right to tell your little kid to hip check the other kid just to bully him in a game.

Is this supposed to make these parents feel tough? Bad to the bone? Who knows.

All I know is my grown boys say yes sir.  They help those in need. Nothing to prove. They got their assurance from us growing up.

Now if anyone tried to hurt our family, they are well trained in firearms and if need be they would defend any of us.

I’m ok with that. But to the lower functioning parents out there teaching your kid to get angry and even, here’s a tip.

Get a sitter and check yourself into therapy. This has to change.