The World We Live In- Fasten Your Seat Belts Because Something Is Happening…

If you are reading this then you will be able to name some things in today’s world that are radically different then they were when you were a child. It’s common to hear people today say ” When I was young…we walked to school, 5 miles , up hill both ways , in snow” or something like that. We joke about how things were back in the day. But its different now, something out there is not the same as it always has been, It seems like we are headed for something or on the way somewhere but to what or where?

I discuss this with anyone I can and have heard so many different explanations from many different people but one thing remains the same, nobody denies that things are different. We all see that this world is falling apart and in desperate need of repair. The nations are at odds, the people in our own country are divided and the hatred amongst people is terrible. Adults are doing hideous things to children for sexual gratification and there are no longer any limits or any boundaries for men. The things that were created for one purpose are being used for another purpose.

To those who have no faith in God or aren’t sure about what to believe I am going to ask you to read this with an open mind and see if you understand things a little better than you did before. I am not here to judge , to preach or to scare anyone, I am here to stimulate conversation and to get us all thinking about what is ahead of us. After all our children have to live out their entire lives on this earth and the way it looks they will face much hardship. The least we can do is prepare them as much as we know how for what to expect as they get older.

What if everything that exists today was actually created? What if the institution of marriage was created for a man and a woman? What if we were all created to worship and glorify the one who made us? What if the earth and it’s inhabitants did not actually ooze up from the cells of a fish but each and every creature was individually made and here for man’s enjoyment? What if the year 2014 is really the number of years since the messiah Jesus was raised from the dead? How about the bible actually being the inspired word of God with each word being infallible and nobody in the world can disprove one of them?

Is it possible that these are the ” last days ” discussed in the bible where according to scripture, men will be lovers of themselves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, and unholy. (2 Timothy 3:2) Many scholars argue that history is simply repeating itself and all of this happened thousands of years ago . However if scripture is true then what sets these days apart are the events that are mentioned which must take place right before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. For example the first thing that must happen before the return is that Israel would become a nation. In 1948 this actually occurred.

Have you ever heard a scientist discuss the creation and try to explain how over billions of years things evolved into what is today? Yet there are no transitional fossils of any kind showing any ” in-between ” stages of life.  I know fossils exist -I am referring to human forms. The great mind Stephen Hawking once said that science can explain much but he has no idea why the universe decided to be. We all know that science and religion seem to be opposites, but the truth is that they work hand in hand. Many scientists who set out to disprove God, after researching, ended up realizing that it would take much more faith to believe that things just oozed into being over billions of years then it would to believe that a creator was involved. Take the sun for example, it is positioned so that if it were slightly closer to earth, we would burn up but if it were slightly further away, we would freeze up. It would be an amazing thing if the big bang somehow left these amazing and critical facts by accident.

As a matter of fact many scientists have become Christians after doing the research and trying to prove any part of the bible wrong. They may be Christians now, but they never dropped science, they just understand now that science and the bible are perfect mates. The bible is by no means a science book, but in it are revealed the great mysteries that have allowed mankind to proceed in investigating and discovering more truth. For example, Christopher Columbus is said to have been reading the Old Testament sometime before he set sail to find what shape the earth was. It is said that the final confirmation that gave him the inspiration to go, was a verse he read in the bible that described God sitting in heaven looking down at the earth. In it He describes it as the  ” circle ” of earth. For obvious reasons, Columbus had a notion that the earth was round and he would not fall off if he sailed too far.

Recently, I was watching the news and waiting to see the eclipse where the moon actually turned orange in color and you could not see any white. The news station did a great job of telling how and when it would happen. Only the bible could explain why it was happening. This event , the blood moon actually has real meaning in the bible. So we see again that science is still true, and it does not make the bible false and also the other way around. These type of things happen all around us each day, yet most people have no idea of the significance.

Symbols and signs we use every day are straight out of the bible. The staff of Moses, which he used to throw to the ground at God’s command ( allegedly) is seen on all kinds of medical signs. The same people who are complaining that the name of God or a cross sign offends them are using signs and symbols from the bible everyday. Each time we write the date on a check we are indirectly stating that we acknowledge the date on it represents the years since the resurrection of Christ. We use terms like A.D and B.C as well. Symbols dating Christ.

You see, the entire world is said to be centered around the Lord Jesus Christ. The Alpha and Omega and the beginning and the end. Jesus says himself in John 14:6 – ” I am the way the truth and the life, no man shall see the father except through me.” He is either lying, he is Lord, or he is a lunatic. One must be true. Just talking about bible prophecy alone, Jesus Christ fulfilled over 265 prophecies that were written in Old Testament times. You can read, for example in Isaiah 53 the entire account of a man dying . It describes a man dying and what exact things will occur during his beating and death. Right down to ” not a bone will be broken” every single detail mentioned fits exactly the account of what happened to Jesus at the cross.

The 264 other prophecies that Jesus fulfilled, well some say it is coincidence. To give you an idea of the odds of that here is an illustration. If we took the state of Texas, and spread quarters all over the entire state, at about 3 feet high, and sent a blind man out in the middle of the state to locate one of those quarters, the odds of him finding that one-quarter are the same as the odds of it being coincidence that Christ fulfilled all the prophecies by coincidence. It comes to  1×10 to the 17th power I believe. The odds of coincidence.

At any rate this is not a sermon, it is a statement of facts to open discussion and to get us all thinking. We need to think because whether we like it or not, something is going down in this world. It is ugly and it is not looking like it will get better anytime soon. I picked Jesus to highlight this time, because the evidence is testable and measurable so anyone can check it out. If anyone wants to discuss the possibility of another being the creator of the universe, by all means suggest one. I could think of some popular idols, like the buddha, thor, mohammed, and then some others like mother earth, universe to highlight as well. Today we look at whether or not events happening have any connection to Christ, because the bible mentions specific events that are actually happening today.

The reason I am writing this is because I have noticed that people in general are lacking something today,Peace. It seems elusive and almost unheard of. We have more disorders in mental health then we can shake a DSM at. We all have anxiety, meds, and nerves. People around the globe are acting crazy and killing their families, trying to do things that were never meant to be. If in fact God did make everything that we know, and for a reason, then it would make sense that the enemy of God (allegedly) Satan, who knows the time for him is limited would counter everything that God made with a counterfeit. If marriage is supposed to be men and women, he would introduce men and men, and women and women, and heck, why not men and goats too?

The sole purpose of the counterfeits would be to destroy the people and cause them to turn away from the true God. If the only way to true peace then, is by way of a relationship with the Prince of Peace Jesus, then it would make sense that satan would introduce as many counterfeits as possible so people would never get to the real peace. Today we have so many religions and cults it is amazing. We have the mother earth crowd, the hug a tree group, the ones who worship palm trees and whales, and those who have decided they just don’t like the idea of God being real at all, so they are the atheists.

Now, whether I want there to be a God or not, I am smart enough to know that me simply willing Him away, or making everyone take their crosses down is not going to make God go away. We cannot make God go away by taking bibles out of school anymore than I can stop the sun from shining by writing the word DARKNESS on my kitchen window where the sun shines in. We cannot make things go away just because we don’t like them

So what does this have to do with what is going on in the world today? I just wonder if its possible that the problem could be that we have forgotten our first love. Could it be that God is still there, and he didn’t die, or get scared away by all the atheists? What if the bible really is the word of God and Jesus was telling the truth that He is the only way to heaven. I mean, heck what about Oprah? She is a billionaire and she says all roads lead to heaven. Why does  everyone have to be so narrow-minded? Cant we all just get along?

Its narrow-minded alright to think that Jesus is the only way to peace and that He died in our place at Calvary for the sins of those who would believe in Him. It is downright wrong to imply that my way isn’t just as good as the next guys. When I ask people about Jesus and his claims, many say that they aren’t sure. I also have had many people say that they aren’t religious…( I’m not either) and I have run across some that have gotten so mad at the way life has treated them that they have flat-out decided that they WILL NOT serve a God who has let them down. So there.

The options for us in today’s world are getting less and less. What do we do to stop the pain of a cruel world and how do we get through until, well until we die, I guess. We can use substances, and forget about things, for a while. We can take up a new intense hobby that will consume all of our time. We can do any number of things this world has to offer. Some turn to religion, which as I mentioned has sprung up on every corner with some new theory. Most people don’t even know that all cults were started by some guy who was either bored or high, and just began to write down some rules. Mormons, they have Joseph Smith-mid 1850’s…Jehovah Witnesses…mid 1850’s…and hundreds of others.

I am still intrigued by this God thing, rather than religion. Religion is like a habit or a routine. God is the creator of the universe, the author and finisher of our faith, the great I am, the rock and the comforter. I know that there is a savior, and I know that He is name Jesus. I know that his word has never been proven wrong and that He promises that anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved, anyone. No rituals, no good deeds, no earning your way. He says he died for us and we all are sinners. He says the times before his return to earth will be outlined by events that are happening today.

Here is the reason I wrote this post today I think what the world is missing is peace. We cannot find peace in money, drugs, women, booze, looks, jobs or anything else. Last time I checked, rich, good-looking people with good jobs and women were offing themselves daily. It cannot be those things. Could it be that the Prince of Peace is the only giver of peace? Could it be that peace is the only possible relief for what is coming upon us in this world? If so are we all willing to call upon the name of Jesus for peace? If no, I must ask-is it because you are afraid he will answer? Afraid he wont answer? Why would’nt anyone call upon the name of the one who claims he is the giver of peace?

If you want to know how real Jesus is…go into a store and when you get to the checkout line, start naming names of gods of this world. The dead buddha, thor, mohammed, ghandi and keep naming them. See if anyone notices or cares that you say their names. Then when you have named all of the dead guys you can think of to name, say the name above all names, Jesus. I bet you will turn some heads. Do you know why the name of Jesus turns heads and gets people either fired up or joyful? How come the dead guy’s names don’t do that? The name of the living God will cause those who know Him to praise Him, and those who don’t know him to get madder then a hornet.

When I look at the world today and see the needs we have, I wonder how many will turn to God in these times. I wonder when it is all over and we stand before God ( allegedly)- will you and I , as we here that name JESUS be filled with joy, or madder then a hornet? It will be too late then but today, if you find yourself madder than a hornet, take another look, investigate and do your homework. Today is the day. We are not promised tomorrow, so let’s get peace in a crazy world. Check Jesus out. If you have other suggestions for who you would like to be God, message me so I can write about them too.




Author: (Don't Label My Kid! Coaching & Counseling Team)

Social Worker- Mental Health, Addictions, and Behavioral health- Leadership Educator-, Juvenile Justice. A variety of coaching. I have a great desire to help others make it through times that I myself have had to navigate. I understand the process, the pain,and the support needed. I, and the rest of my team all have both the formal education to coach others but more importantly we also have the life experience which allows us to relate to all the phases and hurdles that come with recovering from issues like depression, addiction, domestic violence, spiritual confusion, and much more. I feel that the combination of formal training and life experience allows us to meet those we help every point of need- in a real way.

One thought on “The World We Live In- Fasten Your Seat Belts Because Something Is Happening…”

  1. You are not much of an historian.

    The world is actually more peaceful today than in years gone by, it’s just that the news media profits by scaring us all, so we are made to believe mayhem is just outside our door. But it isn’t. The world was a lot more dangerous in just the recent past. Seventy-five years ago, the nations of Europe were at war, and Germany was slaughtering Jews by the millions. There were air raid drills in the middle of the night in New York City. That is unthinkable to us today. Fifty years ago, white southerners beat and killed protesters fighting for basic constitutional rights. And in the 70’s, when i was a kid, we lived in fear of nuclear annihilation. But not so today.

    Yes, the world has problems, but these are not the end times. Yes, we have had horrendous terrorist attacks, but historically, things were much worse between the Muslim world and the West in the middle ages, and up throughout the 1700s, when the Ottomans conquered large parts of Europe, and the Crusaders slaughtered Muslims in the Holy Land. Thankfully, the vast majority Christians and Muslims do not believe in conquest of one another anymore.

    The truth is, you’re afraid you won’t be able to recruit people to your radical brand of Christianity without this apocalyptic story about how terrible things are now. Without that view, there is no urgency. Because in reality, these are not end times. There is nothing wrong with the world today that hasn’t always been wrong with it. In fact it;’s better. Most Americans believe in basic rights for all, like marriage equality, civil rights for blacks and minorities, and a woman’s right to choose an abortion. And we are a better country for it.

    I know that fact drives people like you crazy, but this is the path the Founding Father started us on. We will only achieve peace through enlightenment and acceptance of one another, never by demonizing other races, religions and cultures. Even if you feel like the Bible justifies it.

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