Is Tony Dungy Wrong Because He Said He Would Not Draft This Gay Player?

Recently NFL analyst Tony Dungy noted that he would not draft an openly gay player to the NFL due to all of the problems that may come with it. The distractions that it may cause a team. The media, and all the hype may take away from the game itself. Good call, I say. However the liberals are crying bigot . I say to the liberals, get a life.

I am not a sports writer, so I wont give a dissertation on this issue, but I will say that any person, has the right to make decisions that they feel are best for their people. Tony Dungy stated that he would not want all that would go with drafting an openly gay player to the NFL. He simply said he would not bring the issue to a team he was coaching implying it may be a distraction. I agree. Does that make us both bigots? Wow. Tony, keep exercising your right to make choices. We know you are not a bigot. No matter what the liberal media pulls. God Bless you.


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