Never Let Them See You Give Up!

After 30 attempts to get his book Carrie published, Stephen King got a yes.

Walt Disney was fired from a job at a newspaper for ” lack of imagination”.

Steven Spielberg was turned down to get in to film school 3 times!

Fred Astaire was told on his first audition that he could not sing, he could not act, and he could

dance a little.


Many times in our lives we see other people who are successful and just assume they were born with a gift and poof! they were instantly successful. That is so very far from the truth. How about Tiger Woods, who noted that he hits 2000 practice balls each morning? We may have a God given gift and that is great, but we have to exercise it well, just as you would exercise a muscle on the body to see it grow. I can stand in front of the mirror for 2 hours at the gym, desiring my biceps to tighten up, but if don’t do the work, the gift will not be fully utilized.

It is so critical that we go through those painful times when we are dragging, We are tired and just weary from our efforts. This is part of the growth process and prepares us well on how to attain and to hold on to victory! The difference between the many millions who get to that tired place and really give up and those who press on through it, is the difference between success and mediocrity. If you are in that tired place, or coming up to it, take heart and know that you are approaching the part that separates the leaders and the workers, the men and the boys, the warriors and the soldiers. Oprah was told early in her career that she didn’t have a future in television. Decision time; warrior/soldier- leader/worker? So the difference between it all, comes down to diligence. It comes down to the decisions you enter into at that cross roads where we feel like quitting. I say put your hand to the plow and don’t look back! 

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