Where Is MIKE?

Where Is MIKE?

” Mom, WHERE IS MIKE?” I said as I quickly sat up in the chair I was sleeping in. Mike was a good buddy from high school that came along on a trip to Florida with my mom and I. Mom was driving while we took turns sleeping. I crashed in one chair, and Mike in another part of the van. Last i remembered mom stopped in McDonald’s for coffee and we were back on the road. So why was my friend not in the van? I got a little worried and asked my mom if he was up in front of the van somewhere and she turned back at me and gave me a hard, cold look and her face seemed to be getting more red as the minute went on. ” You are kidding me, right? (pause-silence) TIMOTHY! he is back there, right?” I had to fess up so I gave her the news she seemed to be sensing, Mike was not in the van.
” Alright mom, no sweat, last I recall we were parked at a McDonald’s, so just turn around and lets go get him!” My mom didn’t seem to take comfort in my words, so I pressed on and asked her why she was so upset-I think I actually saw a teardrop running down her eye at this point.
“Tim, I cant just whip around and get him, you have been sleeping for 4 hours, that’s when we left the McDonald’s.”
Uh-oh, if we were 4 hours from McDonald’s and that is where Mike was, we got trouble.
About 300 miles later, backwards not going in the direction of Florida at all, we pulled in to collect my friend. Actually if I recall he was a little panicky as well, I could tell by the state trooper, helicopter and all.
Mike had decided to sneak out the back of the van to use the restroom while my mom was inside to get coffee and I was asleep. When he came out , no van, no nothing. My mom said she got in the van, glanced in the rear view mirror and saw ruffled blankets and pillows and assumed we had not moved since she stepped got out about 5 minutes before that.

These days we have an agreement -we don’t ever say the words ” Where’s Mike”!

That is a funny (now it is) story about getting lost that happened to me. I saw another blogger had posted something similar, but i cant seem to locate the blog, so I am posting it here, asking you all to share any ” I’m lost ” stories that stick in your head! I would love to hear that I am not the only one that has stuff like this happen to him! Please share!


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