Sad But True…

Sad But True...

Are we the most inviting country ever to illegals? Perhaps if Americans were offered the same benefits as illegals it may boost the esteem of the people- but then again that is not priority.


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    I have had to fight, and I continue to fight, for assistance I should be given because of promises and commitments made to the American people. I don’t mind the people coming here because of the disparity in Mexico, but go through the process of legalization. If they were to try to enter any other country, they would be forced to go through legalization. Why is the United States being so lax on legalization? If they are not legal they should not be able to vote either, so non-legalization should be a lose/lose situation for both American politicians and for non-legalized immigrants. There would be no extra votes for letting people come in to the country without being legalized, and the immigrants would not receive all the financial assistance available to the indigents. Emergency assistance I have no problem with, but this should not be help longer than a week, not housing, cash, or Medicaid cards. Just emergency so they can proceed to immigration process. Do it legally and it is a win/win for both parties.
    Just my thoughts on the matter.
    Peace & Love
    including all who are in our country illegally. I do not wish harm or unhappiness to anyone, just follow the rules.

  2. I just did a few blogs on kinda the same subject. I don’t fail to see the irony, as you say, if this was on offer to people American born, like you my friend, maybe your country wouldn’t be a 2nd World Country now. It’s a total lie to call America the “World Leaders” or a “1st World Country” any more. Great blog, small, but huge in impact mate!

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