Narcissism Humor- Do You Know A Narcissist?

A priest, a teacher, a millionaire, and a narcissist were golfing together.

As they walked the course, they came up behind a foursome that was moving very slowly, and that didn’t offer to let them play through. Calling over the club pro, the foursome inquired about the poor sportsmanship of the slow group. The pro explained that the slow golfers were blind. The priest said, Oh, bless them, I will keep them in my prayers. The teacher said, I will tell my students how inspiring they are. The millionaire said, I will offer to pay their greens fees for the year. The narcissist said, Why can’t they play at night?

I enjoy some funny stuff so I thought a great way to kick it off would be to single out the greatest people ever to walk this planet. Don’t take my word for it, just ask a narcissist! They have a way of taking out the trash but taking credit for painting the whole house…vampires wont bite them out of professional courtesy!
I think everyone has had some sort of encounter with a narcissistic person at some point even if you didn’t know what to call it. Grandiose views of themselves that few others share, and outstanding ability to attach themselves to the spotlight, at ANY cost – any cost to you, that is..


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