Father Murders Child So He Can Play More Video Games….Yes Its True.

Father Murders Child So He Can Play More Video Games….Yes Its True.

We have all been there, right? You are trying to do something when your toddler interrupts you, and you become frustrated. We usually respond by saying ” Stop, or I will MURDER you” -right? No, that’s not right I am hoping. Most of us have become impatient and maybe even raised our voices from time to time, but MURDER? Killing a toddler because they would not be quiet? It seems inhumane and impossible, but it happened in Florida. As disturbing as this story is, it does not end there. The man who did this served prison time for sexually assaulting a minor in California, and has a rap sheet for these type of crimes, so what the heck was he doing alone with a toddler anyways? Where is mom? Where is the system that routinely pulls children out of safe homes, because parents spanked them ?


It is wrong on so many levels, but first and foremost, we have a DCF system in place that is more concerned about falsely accused parents, who are accused of slapping their child for punishment than they are about children who are in the care of CONVICTED felons.Maybe it is the caseload of the workers for the state, maybe not but something must be done and soon. Whatever the case, we have way too many children who are being left in the care of already convicted child beaters and molesters. I spoke with a DCF caseworker who told me she had 300 kids on her caseload. 300? I can barely keep an eye on 3, how do you monitor 300?

At any rate, we need to do a better job of protecting the kids from monsters like this, and we also need to punish these people accordingly. This article says he may be facing 10 years? 10 years? Are you kidding me? He took a whole lifetime, and he may serve 10 years? How pathetic is our system . Stop jailing the parents who actually spank their children for good reason, and put the pedophiles and murderers away for good. Should we even have to discuss this? Sadly we are, again. What do you think the problem is in our society?



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