Why We TGIF- Should We?

Why We TGIF- Should We?

I was thinking this morning about the phrase ” Thank God It’s Friday” and wondered … I wondered where this phrase came from, and if it is good for us to think this way. After all, if we are only happy on Fridays, does this not set us up for failure on the other 6 days? You may be ready to hit another post about now, but give me the benefit of the doubt-stick with me here!

The phrase was supposedly coined by a radio disc jockey in the 1970’s or possibly a television host in the 1980’s. Either way, its a very new saying. I am not sure it is healthy though. Seriously do we imply to ourselves that life sucks the other 6 days of the week? Or is it just a way of relieving stress after a busy work week? I think it trains us to look to Friday as the best day of the week. But Fridays aren’t always the best day of the week! I have had many good things happen on all the other days.

None of my children were born on a Friday, and I cannot think of any significant events that happened on Fridays in my life. So what is the purpose of me fooling myself into thinking this is the only good day of our week? I guess it gives people a target to shoot for during the work week. A little motivator to keep us going and stay strong during the rest of the days. But does that mean our jobs are terrible? Why are we not thanking God that it is Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday? Why are we not waking up each day thanking God that it is ” BREATH DAY”- a day I woke up period! IDK, I just thought I would share my thoughts and since it is Friday, I don’t have to justify or rationalize my train of thought.

After all, it IS Friday! Have a great weekend!



  1. IDK either – it depends really on the intention and spirit of the saying it.
    Every day is another opportunity… we ought best to have an intention at awakening to be thankful for the day; another day realizing… the Spirit alone brings us to eternal life. The undoing of the body mind grudges and frustration is easier than it seems when we have the desire to meet Spirit in each day.
    Weekends are something to cherish for people that work hard all week and for making family time and for time with loves or for getting in studies and improvements or enjoyments of the spirit f a well being sense of living toward a purpose that grows in us if we seek with any willingness for enlightenment of Holy Spirit.
    Happy weekend TJ
    ~ Eric

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