Let The Dogs Die. Find Our Missing Kids.

I am always amazed at the priorities we have in this world. We will spend millions of dollars to make sure nobody can put a cross up for a memorial. We will give our lives to fight for the rights of endangered species of birds. People fight with every resource they have to protect the rights of animals that perform at Sea World. Yet we stand by and do nothing to protect the most valuable treasures we have on this earth, our children. I saw an article recently and was amazed that we have 800,000 children reported missing each year, and we don’t hear much about them.

Little girls and boys every day are being sexually exploited, murdered and buried while some moron is laying on the beach using their body as a shield for a sea turtle egg so nobody can hurt it. If you are a parent, you should feel this way too. If you aren’t a parent, you will understand how stupid this is one day. 1 BILLION dollars spent each year to rescue and get unhealthy dogs back to health. Meantime, we are finding more 6 or 7 year old kids in trash bags, having been raped, murdered and buried by the pedophiles that are all around us. Let the dogs die. Get the children home.
Just for the record, I have a dog, and am not an animal hater. I just have my priorities in order. You should too. Don’t you dare feel like a ” hero ” for bringing a kitten back to life while thousands of little kids are dying.



    1. Yep. I have watched videos of humans being run over by cars, and nobody rushed to help. Also saw a dog stuck in a busy intersection on a highway, and traffic came to a halt to help. The tail is wagging the dog in this world, no pun intended…

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