California Bully ( 9 ) Gets Hit With Restraining Order After Incident At School-

California Bully ( 9 ) Gets Hit With Restraining Order After Incident At School-

So in California, one father is all jacked up about an incident that took place at the school where his 9 year old son attends. It appears another boy, also 9 and known as a bully came up and cracked the other boy in the jaw. the dad states that the school says they cannot doing anything ( memo to school admin-. Zero tolerance for battery is in place).

The father decided to go to court and get a restraining order against the child who attacked. The law says the kid must be served in 5 days, but nobody at the school can or will release his name and address. Now the dad is up in arms and frustrated. I would be too.

If this is not the boy’s first offense, and if it were me as the administrator, I would suspend him, and order him and his parents to a 2 day anger management workshop to attend as a family. After all, in my experience, kids learn this behavior from someone, so it couldn’t hurt the parents to attend a workshop for their own accountability as well as the boys’. Feedback? What would you do if it was your boy, as the bully or the victim? These are problems schools face everyday and do not know what to do. Give your input!



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  1. My son gets bullied at school, so I tell him to first ignore, but if it continues, I encourage him to tell the teacher. Singapore schools are very strict, my son does hits back in defence, I mean verbally, so I assure him that the bullying would stop-if not, I have to see the Head Teacher.

  2. Gosh if it was my child I would want to have him/her protected as far as possible. I have a close friend whose daughter just changed school and is being picked on by this mate who is male; he wants to “hang” with her and at times touches her inappropriately. The school’s and security stance is when something happens, let us know.
    We know that when things happen you react most times before thinking; this kid gropes her in her classroom, she slaps him and tells him she will kill him the next time he touches her, ergo, the security walks in just as she makes the statement. Guess who is in trouble now? The school system is a maze of wonder. VW

    1. Very good point. Most lack proactive teaching and social skill training. That’s just the teachers! LOL! I am kidding but serious as well. That’s another post I will have to do. The knee-jerk reactions schools take when incidents occur. Amazing.

  3. There are no consequences anymore in the schools and ironically the wrong kids are always the ones who get protected. My daughter was bullied, I did everything I was supposed to do but the school felt this troubled child aka nasty bully needed love and chances in place of consequences. I pulled my daughter from the school. If my child bullied there would be serious consequences, I would strip every single thing awY they found any enjoyment in until they learned respect. Period!

  4. Unfortunately, if the schools and the parents don’t step in to change this kid’s behavior, then not only will he continue bullying, but others will follow in his footsteps as well. Why be good if they don’t have to be? There needs to be a change. Closing their eyes to the situation is only asking for more problems, and certainly won’t make this one go away.

  5. I agree with you TJ. In addition I think the principal should paddle the bully (I know it probably cant happen), and send him home to get another from his parents. Im old fashioned but it worked on me. Ive had several when a kid. Thanks! Hope your day is a good one.

    1. 100% agree. They will never do it, but the parents should have about 6 years ago at the first signs of aggression. I never had to spank my kids except all 5 when they were 2-3 years old, just to set physical boundaries since they could not fully communicate. I am in my late 40’s and still remember when we got our own switch or paddle, and served it up to be spanked! I think if parents model no aggression and spank during those ages, they generally will have non-violent kids. Have a great day. Next time, I want to ask your opinion on what you make of this atheist that made the God movie, and says he never mentioned the name God 1x during the movie. Why even do it? LOL! I actually don’t believe in atheists but that is for another day! Have a great day!

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