Why Blogging Is A Form Of Therapy!

Why Blogging Is A Form Of Therapy!

” I saw sea shells on the sea shore Saturday with Shirley ”

Say this sentence 5 times , very quickly.

The reason you confuse words after 3-4 tries is because of something called “Word Formation Distraction”. It makes repeating a sentence very difficult because of the different subject matter and the order the brain must retrieve each section in.
Much like WFD, blogging can be challenging. Actually blogging is very cerebral, regardless of the topic. It requires much thinking and discerning, consideration of the audience or the author, and most of all for me, the actual process of technical parts of creating, maintaining and staying on top of a blog. I wish I could just write what I am thinking and there it is, but the truth is there is so much more to it, as you all are well aware.
Therapy is applied in many different forms, and I firmly believe that blogging is a form of therapy as well. I feel a sense of accomplishment, relief, and peace after a post that is different form a phone call or a conversation face to face.
I think blogging is therapy. I see bloggers exercising their brains and venting about past or present problems every day, just as I would if I was a fly on the wall in a therapist’s office. I also think people are brutally honest most times when blogging, more so then of they were face to face with another humanoid. Since I am on the subject of honesty I will confess that I added NCIS to my tags out of selfishness and for no good reason. I happen to be a fan, (both LA and VA) and just was feeling a little self -centered when I posted. While we are touching on the subject – I , well, I made up the whole WFD thing. There is no such brain problem that I am aware of. That was my insecurity coming out. Sometimes I need to feel important and I stretch the truth but then confess it right away.

Wow. Thanks for the session people, I feel much better now. Lots of help to have a blog to turn to when nobody else will listen! Thanks for bringing us past the 100 followed mark in what seems to me like a short period of time and almost 200 posts! Blogging is therapeutic, and bloggers are good people! I could mention so many people that have helped make www.dontlabelmykid.wordpress a real thing. Hunt4Truth- Psycho-Seamstress, Shaun (prayingforoneday) Dr. Earl Stevens, and so many others for sticking with this and making posts come to life- Dennis, Debbie, mewhoami, and every single one that I cannot recall at midnight with half an eye open! You all are awesome wherever you came from. WordPress, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, or wherever. Thanks for coming and please stick around. I promise it will only get better. Here’s to all my fellow bloggers/ therapists !

Thanks for the gumball, Popeye!



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