The Race Card is Getting Old- Even to Kids.

The Race Card is Getting Old- Even to Kids.

I have had enough. Someone has to say it, why not me? My boss always agrees with me, and I can exercise free speech when I choose to. The phrase ” divide and conquer ” comes to mind when I think of race. It’s a tired old story about how the suffering has gone on, and the master and slave thing. I for one am sick of hearing it. The vitriol spewed out about people because of the color of their skin. One ” good ole boy ” told me that slaves were a good thing- every white man should own one. How much can one use the race card to blame others for everything that has gone on their lives?


And you black ( sorry if it has changed back to African-American) people! You are just as bad. How many of you were slaves? Is it not true that prisons are 80% made up of you people? If I hear another story about a black kid that was targeted only due to race, not because of a loaded glock in their hands…I mean how many free passes do you get because of the slave days which you never took part of?

I have breaking news today, news that may not sound very shocking, but it is the truth.
Underneath every ” racist” from any color, you will find wrong motives. There is little color involved. Having mediated thousands of teens of different cultural backgrounds, I found one thing to be certain. Most of them could not explain why they were racist. They just did and said what their grand pappy’s did and said…

So whats at the root of all this,? Bad hearts, bad teaching and bad upbringing. There are bad motives and racists in white communities, and bad motives and races in black communities. Lets move on from the past, and judge motives, not skin colors.

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