Are You Doing The Right Thing Right Now? Jobs, Blogs, and Your Purpose.

futureMany times I have asked myself if I was doing or pursuing the right thing, professionally especially. I have had many doors shut in my face and many swing open, but have always wondered how to know which way to even think as I looked into the options. Here is a concept to consider when making choices that will have long term effects on you, whether good or not so good. It always helps to find out if you are even looking in the right area when seeking out a career, a career change, or even taking on a project such as a blog, or writing a book.

When we make a decision to make a move towards a particular interest we must know and understand the following idea in order to avoid years of head and heartache, and becoming discouraged about our choices. The idea applies to CEO’s or new college grads looking to enter the workforce and everyone in the middle. Here it is, so really try to focus on it, and apply it to your current situation. Take a minute to see if things are lined up as they should be in your life.

Are You Using Your Gifts, Or Your Skill Set?

We all have gifts that we were born with, gifts that are unique and that not everyone has. If you have a gift of teaching for example, then you will find that you have a burning passion inside to teach. You have a yearning to teach, and you are effective at it. Gifting will not be identified on vocational testing, it is something you have to identify and search out. What is it that you are passionate about, and feel strongly about making a difference in? Are you equipped with the right gifts to move forward in that area?

Next, we must recognize what a skill set is, compared to a gifting. It is critical to know the difference as it may determine if you burn out in your career or you flourish and love your choice. Skill sets are learned skills. We are not born with skill sets, we learn them as we go through certain jobs, people, family or even the internet. A set of skills may make you capable of doing a job well, but leave you wanting in the ” what is my purpose ” area. Lets take the teacher example. Being a teacher requires a college education and training on methods of teaching, how different people learn, how to manage classrooms and the like. One may graduate with honors with a teaching certificate, but crash and burnout in 3 years, because they do not have the gift of teaching, they have a skill set on teaching.

We can use both our gifts and our skill sets, but order is key. Gifting must come first, and skills second. If you were the owner of a company, would you rather hire a gifted employee who may need some skill training, or an employee who has no fire, no passion for the job, but does meet criteria to complete the requirements because they have good skills?

The separation in your mind of where your gifting is, versus where your learned skills are, will help you make the right call when looking to embark on any new job, or project in your life.



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