Why This Cross Irritates Millions of People-

Why This Cross Irritates Millions of People-

I already talked a bit about politics on social forums, so why not violate the ” code ” and move on to religion for an off topic post today? I like to live on the edge, and go against the flow anyways. If the subject of this post has you in knots already, please stay with me, it is not a sermon, just a commentary, my view of things.
I was recently in a well known super-store shopping for some stuff. When I finished and was waiting in the checkout line, I overheard 2 people discussing the Zen movement, and some teachings from some other popular religious leaders of the past as well. I believe Mohammed and then Buddha. Nobody around them paid much attention, and continued to wait in line.

Along came a lady behind me, with her friend, talking as well while waiting. They said they were just returning from a church event and were happy and all. While they waited, and as they talked to each other, one of them broke the code right there in public, and said the name of Jesus. They happened to be Christians. Wow. The crowd went silent, and the whole line turned back just to see who said that name. I think one guy even said ” this isn’t church lady ” or something. It is the very name that brings out vitriol and hatred to those who are not believers. Nobody even said a peep when the other religious talk was going on.

I mention this because I have noticed this in many different scenarios and on many different occasions. But how could it be, I mean religion is religion, right? Maybe not. There are at least 1500 documented religions to my knowledge, but nobody claimed to be God. They were all teachers or prophets of their god. The only person who made the claim to be one with the Father, and the only avenue to heaven was Christ. More than that, He is the only one who actually sacrificed Himself for His people.
He claimed to be the living God, the ruler of all creation, the beginning and the end. Not someone with some good ideas or ways to meditate. Could it be that He is who He said He was, and He is alive and well today, unlike the dead teachers of the 1500 religions?

That may explain why people are so agitated at His name. Conviction. Knowledge of the truth. The living God dwelling in those who believe actually offends those without Him in their lives.
Is that possible? Perhaps it is mere coincidence that the name of Jesus is so powerful to anyone who hears it- whether in a good way, or in an offensive way. I just don’t see that power in any other name, do you?

So with that said, I have a link presenting the top ten most popular religious leaders and some background. Check it out, and see if any names seem to get you fired up. Just take a brief survey of each person, and see. I did not write this to try to make anyone believe a certain way, so all are welcome here, always. I write this because it is often on my mind, and I want to know what others think when they read this. If any of you are going to come at me with the ” this is not a religious forum” straw man, then right back atcha with freedom of speech.

I love you all and thank you for reading www,dontlabelmykid.com! Even if you disagree with my posts sometimes. Its all good and this is a safe place to discuss anything.



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11 thoughts on “Why This Cross Irritates Millions of People-”

  1. “That may explain why people are so agitated at His name. Conviction.”

    Speaking as a non-believer, if I do get agitated by someone saying Jesus (I usually don’t), it’s because it’s the 100th time I’ve heard it that day.

    Living in a country where the majority of people are some version of Christian, be it Baptist or Catholic or Mormon, you’re going to hear the name “Jesus” a lot, and it can get annoying. In the same way that it would be annoying if you heard nothing but people non-stop talking about how great the new Transformers movie was.

    1. I never thought of that, I really don’t notice it in my daily living much, hearing the name that many times. I live in a mostly Christian place too.

      Btw, do you consider Mormons Christians? Interesting.

      1. “Btw, do you consider Mormons Christians? ”

        As I understand it, most Mormons consider themselves a version of Christian, and their church is officially “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”, so whatever they are they’re just as likely to be saying ‘Jesus’ as any Christian.

      2. Yeah its kinda weird very much like the Jehovah witnesses and many others. Some guy literally just started a ” religion: and included the name of of Jesus in them. The funniest part to me is that they both started just recently back in the 1800’s. I always ask them what happened to all the people born before your religion started, but no answers. I consider them cults. Not in a negative sense, but just a copy cat of Christianity.

      3. “I always ask them what happened to all the people born before your religion started,”

        One could ask that about Christianity as well.

      4. Well, that really is true for people who think we evolved from fish billions of years ago. Christians believe that the Bible is both scientifically accurate and chronologically. So today, the year 2014 is what it is, years since the birth of Christ, and the 6000 years before is it.

      5. Yeah. As we have evidence that the dog was domesticated longer ago than that, we can say that I’ll disagree.

        To each their own, though.

      6. To be honest, my relationship with Christ was never brought on by data or science or debate. I simply heard the Gospel, and responded, and my life changed, That’s really how I became a believer. My evidence is my life, not any history books or science.

  2. I firmly believe that the reason people get so fired up when they hear His name, is because He is who He says He is. I’ve always felt that deep down, even non believers doubt their own unbelief. The idea that they might be wrong and also the idea of a higher power (a ruler over them) infuriates them. Of course that doesn’t apply to all. There’s always exceptions. But, that’s just my opinion.

    1. Excellent point. I actually am a non-believer in ” atheists”. I believe their are millions of people who wish not to be accountable to God, and have decided to pay lots of many to have any symbol of the living God taken out of public view, simply to ease their conscience . The problem with that plan, is that you can not actually “remove” God from anything anymore than you could draw the word DARKNESS on your kitchen window and cease the sun from existing.

      As I am sure you know we battle not against flesh and blood, but spirits…..therefore if the spirit of the prince of darkness is in this world for a time until the return of the Lord, anyone who does not have the Holy Spirit of God through Christ, will resist God, many not understanding why even.

      I pray for those who resist the Holy Spirit, and just hope God uses believers to love on them until they can no longer resist.
      Thanks for the great comment!

      1. To love on them…exactly. Not to preach, but to love. After all, God is love and they must be drawn by and because of that love.

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