You Dont Even Know What A Tough Life Looks Like. The People You Are Judging Might Though.

You Dont Even Know What A Tough Life Looks Like. The People You Are Judging Might Though.

We all have challenges in our lives, whether illness, poverty, grief, relational, or any number of issues. It seems in our current culture we operate like spoiled brats sometimes. We all have done it. We have complained, whined, moaned and groaned about our petty little issues that pale in comparison to some of the issues others are dealing with.

I once went to see a man speak at a church. He was the guest speaker at our large church for the month. I arrived early and took a seat with my wife and we began to do the usual things while waiting for things to get going- look through the bulletin 20 times, smile at the pastor, wave from a distance to people we had seen before, etc..

Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a very handicapped (physically) man, slowly and painfully making his way to the podium where he would speak. After 10 minutes or so, he was up there and ready to speak. He opened with what sounded like some grumbling, unclear, gurgled speech and I awaited for him to clear his throat or take care of whatever was wrong. There was nothing wrong. He had to struggle to speak just as he had to walk.

He went on to tell of his great life, how he was thankful for the things he had been blessed with. During his talk, he mentioned that he must get up early each day, since it took him around 3 hours to get dressed due to his disability.
He gave us a wonderful picture of what we would call a terrible life. At the end of his speech, after sharing all the things he is involved in to help others, and his travels to share his story with others, he closed with one sentence;
” I spend 3 hours a day just to prepare for leaving my home, off to a painful day of sharing my testimony. What’s your problem?”

We need to step back into reality sometimes and put our own ‘ problems” into proper perspective, We also need to stop judging others, when we have no idea what they are dealing with. We need to start being givers not takers, servants not masters, and loving the hurting people around us. You just never know how close someone might be to putting a gun to their head as you mock them, or pass them by without a greeting.

You may never know, but I do. I watched it unfold in my own brother’s life. He was hurting. We argued. He was in need, I was not in a giving mood. He was falling apart, and I was full of my self. We were watching a television show one night, he walked out the door saying he was going for a walk, and we found him 3 hours later with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head, just down the road. One minute watching a television show., the next a suicide.

We all need to assume that others are traveling a harder road than we are. Trust me, you would rather err on the side of caution. Comfort someone today, encourage those around you, put yourself last today. You will be amazed at how much good it will do for others, and how much it will teach you.


Author: (Don't Label My Kid! Coaching & Counseling Team)

Social Worker- Mental Health, Addictions, and Behavioral health- Leadership Educator-, Juvenile Justice. A variety of coaching. I have a great desire to help others make it through times that I myself have had to navigate. I understand the process, the pain,and the support needed. I, and the rest of my team all have both the formal education to coach others but more importantly we also have the life experience which allows us to relate to all the phases and hurdles that come with recovering from issues like depression, addiction, domestic violence, spiritual confusion, and much more. I feel that the combination of formal training and life experience allows us to meet those we help every point of need- in a real way.

8 thoughts on “You Dont Even Know What A Tough Life Looks Like. The People You Are Judging Might Though.”

      1. Ok brother. That’s about all I do. It’s engrained in me. Lol. Have a great rest of the day! Ps, I’m taking over a forum starting Monday with a question asked each day. Pipe in if you have a minute. On Sundays I have a study of the life of David going.

      2. Awesome, I will try and stay connected. Its crazy right now here busy and I also have 5 kids keeping me hopping. I love the story of David and how Romans 8:28 applies to his and all of our lives.
        Lets stay in touch!

  1. I know of this man you speak of. He really does put our problems into perspective. I’m sorry for the loss of your brother. You’re right, that we never know where someone is internally. They may talk and smile, but inside they could be dying. We must take the time to really ‘see’ others. Take the time to care and to put their needs before our own.

    1. Serving others heals our own hearts, just as forgiving others heals our bitterness against the other party. It is for everyone’s benefit that we live this way. Not to popular these days..

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