The Way Things Should Be.. No Race Issues- Just Two Boys Hangin…

Wow. Finally something positive being promoted about kids doing good stuff together. Maybe this will inspire the ” tough ” girls and guys who are posting their fights on the internet. These guys are color blind and talented.


  1. Oh wow!! This gave me chills! These kids are amazing both in talent and in their ‘colorblindness’. Race, color, background, social standing – none of that matters. We all bleed red, we’re all people and we all treat each other accordingly. Love your neighbor as yourself. If kids start getting attention for the good things they do, maybe they won’t have to seek the bad attention.

    1. Yes it is very cool. You are right, if they got the attention for doing good, more kids would, but most can only get their parents attention by doing something bad to get their attention. I think they are good!

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