DFC ( Desire For Cash ) Disorder – BIG PHARMA and APA Being Screened for Official Diagnoses! Stay With Me.

I just report it folks, I did not make this up. I must warn you that some of the content in this short article may cause laughter, which may in turn qualify you as a candidate for an up and coming, highly marketed ” disorder ” being pushed via the media recently. If you for some reason become sad or have a tear in your eye for a minute , you also may qualify for this ” neurological ” ( allegedly) disorder.

Read the criteria to be diagnosed with it, in the article below, and note in the top left corner the sponsor for the article. A picture is worth a thousand words so I wont elaborate any further. Very sad though. Uh- Oh. I think I have it. No it actually made me laugh uncontrollably for a minute, Shoot. I still have it then, If you understand this, feel free to comment. If you do not, please comment and I will clarify. I realize not everyone keeps up with this type of thing, but www.dontlabelmykid.com always does….



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