Disney Promotes the Gay/ Lesbian/ Transgender Lifestyle- Really?

Disney Promotes the Gay/ Lesbian/ Transgender Lifestyle- Really?

My child could be disciplined at school for wearing a Jesus shirt, or praying on school time. We have kicked God (in our own minds) out of schools and most other places to. Heaven forbid we accidently teach our children right from wrong. We have fought any attempt at morality in this country, and people are mad as hell that there is a cross standing as a memorial near ground zero.

Our country is falling apart, up to our necks in decay and acting like there are no rules at all. Anything goes these days, and we are supposed to accept anything as acceptable. If you beg to differ , you are a bigot, and narrow minded. The latest marketing move by Disney World is to host the most violent addicted, unstable, and most sexually promiscuous group of people known to man.

Statistics show that the gay lifestyle results in more domestic violence, more substance abuse, fewer long term relationships, and an unreal amount of sexual partners. So because they happen to be gay, lesbian or transgender we have to force our kids to see and learn about them, all in the name of equal rights? I do not understand. I am not judging anyone, as I am not the Lord, and nobody will have to give account to me for anything. I am simply pointing out that there is a huge double standard in this country when it comes to what our children should be exposed to. We are supposed to be open minded, and tolerant of the most dangerous group of people around.

What about the KKK or groups like that? Why shouldn’t we teach our children about their lifestyle? Its much less violent than the other group, and hey, its just being tolerant, right? We should not judge them, if we are not judging the gay-lesbian community, right? The bottom line is that people have a free will to live and do as they please, regardless of whether or not it is harmful or dangerous. As a parent however, I do not have to make my kids keep company of violent and unstable people of any sort. The fact that Disney turns their head to the facts about these people they are romancing is clearly a financial decision. They have sold their soul. I will avoid Disney and will teach my children that the safest and most stable relationship is one between a man and a woman. Do I still have that right?

Author: www.dontlabelmykid.blog (Don't Label My Kid! Coaching & Counseling Team)

Social Worker- Mental Health, Addictions, and Behavioral health- Leadership Educator-, Juvenile Justice. A variety of coaching. I have a great desire to help others make it through times that I myself have had to navigate. I understand the process, the pain,and the support needed. I, and the rest of my team all have both the formal education to coach others but more importantly we also have the life experience which allows us to relate to all the phases and hurdles that come with recovering from issues like depression, addiction, domestic violence, spiritual confusion, and much more. I feel that the combination of formal training and life experience allows us to meet those we help every point of need- in a real way.

4 thoughts on “Disney Promotes the Gay/ Lesbian/ Transgender Lifestyle- Really?”

  1. God made woman and man out of his image. I would never encourage LGBTQ in my family nor my son. It doesn’t matter the bad relationships, the abandoned, its a choice, you weren’t born with it!!!
    God made Adam n Eve
    Not Adam n Steve

  2. Great post and very disturbing. God was banned from schools. First the Supreme Court banned religious instruction, then school prayer, then bible scripture reading. It’s ridiculous and they wonder why we have so many problems. They took God out, then replaced Him with evolution, gay marriage and sexual education. One thing is for certain, we are going downhill fast.

    1. Thanks for the read. I agree we are on a dangerous, self inflicted slope right now in the world. When you remove God and the moral compass that scripture lays out, you get perversion of that scripture. Everything that was created now has a perverted version. Marriage, sexuality, parenting, spiritual lives have all been twisted form the original intention and way it was intended to work. We ignore God and His blessing and favor has been withdrawn from this country. Our own president has vowed that we are no longer a Christian country. His followers have acted accordingly and we can clearly see that the favor of God is not upon us right now.

      1. I think He’s still protecting us from being destroyed altogether. We could easily look like the middle eastern countries by now, but we don’t. But, I think He’s only protecting us for the sake of the few people who truly worship Him. If we we lose too many more believers though, then all hope will be lost. His hand will be removed entirely. I appreciate your reply. It’s nice to find people who feel the same way and see the world for what it really is.

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