Tired of Caring For Others Who Are Suffering? COMPASSIONATE FATIGUE-

Tired of Caring For Others Who Are Suffering?  COMPASSIONATE FATIGUE-

Did you know that people who care for those who are suffering have a very high risk for what is known as Compassionate Fatigue? As a matter of fact, around 85% of all ER nurses meet criteria for this problem, which could lead to serious depression and even abusive behavior towards the suffering patient!

I understand that in the burn unit at most hospitals, where much pain and suffering takes place, staff are rotated in and out of the unit every few months or so. The reason behind this is that there is a high risk for both the caregiver and the patient , should the caregiver become fatigued and tired of having to see and care for such suffering. Steps to prevent getting to the point of fatigue are fairly common;

-Maintain a healthy social and physical life outside of the workplace.
– Try to detach as much as possible from the problems you are addressing.
– If possible, have a balanced client list or schedule based on level of intensity



  1. not yet… tired from helping… probably won’t happen although I do understand the problem. People that help others need to have some healthy inner self and good boundaries.
    Good post – thanks.
    ~ Eric

    1. Hey Eric!
      I think one key to keeping from burnout is making sure our own cup is full, before we try and pour from it. For me, it comes from the power of the Word of God, and keeping full of it. Thanks for the read and compliment, glad you like it.

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