Rights Revolked! No Freedom of Speech in the Dynasty…

Rights Revolked! No Freedom of Speech in the Dynasty...


Every once in a while I run across something too amazing to NOT write about. This is one news note that I could not pass on, especially after watching the Dr Drew show last night. I actually sat through and suffered my way through 3 or 4 people giving their views on how Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty is a bigot. He was rightly suspended from the network for expressing an opinion that he was asked to give, during an interview.
Really? Phil cannot give his opinion on a topic? Is this the America of “free” speech or the America of “preferred” speak?
I listened as some very weakly argued that this opinion was a violation of “code” and a sign that Phil is a bigot. They could not even put together a few sentences without stumbling over their straw arguments. It was pitiful to see the efforts to allow any liberal speak, but deny freedom for any opinions that do not line up with the agenda.
So I will exercise my right to free speech, unashamed and proud to be able to do it. As a citizen I think this “selective freedom’ is pathetic at best. As a parent and a social worker I think it is worse than that. If my children can watch Ellen kiss another female on television, and hear Joe Biden say to an all black group of professionals ” He wants to put you all back in chains” publicly and without any apologies, then they should certainly get to hear the other side. The other side is not popular, but we do not vote on speech by its popularity, we have the right to free speech period.
I totally understand the vitriol that was spewed by the haters of Phil Robertson. As any good lawyer would tell you, you can usually measure the level of guilt by the level of defense. I know exactly why there is so much imbalance in the allowance of certain viewpoints, it really is not too cerebral of a concept. It is similar in my opinion, to the atheists that spend millions of dollars to fight a cross at ground zero. If you really do not believe God is real, why spend time and money to fight a non-existent entity? I do not see anyone spending millions fighting against the tooth fairy…how come?
In my opinion, we hear what our itching ears want to hear, even paying to make things appear different from how they really are. Denial is not just a river, as they say…
I am amazed at the persistence in people trying to ” take away ” this and that from reality. As if anything will change. What is right, is right, and what is wrong is wrong. If we choose wrong, please, lets not run smack in the media to make it appear right. It only strengthens the case against the spinners. Reminds me of a movie I once watched called ” Wag the Dog” with Deniro and Hoffman. I think homosexuality is an abomination similar to beastiality or incest. Hows that for freedom of speech. I really do not care how popular my opinion is. If you are with me, you are with me, if not, at least you know where I stand. I am OUT-



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