Moving Forward…at what cost to America?

Moving what cost to America?

Obama has done what he can to dismantle our country, piece by piece, and has shown he has a new agenda for this country. Supporting terrorist groups, arming them, while trying to take our guns away. Issuing checks for BILLIONS to the muslim brotherhood, while we continue to be unemployed. Considering allowing shariah law in America, while teaming up with Jackson and Sharpton to tell the muslims that they are the ” new America”. No more Christmas trees at the white house, just Holiday trees. I could go on and on with proof that he is trying to destroy this country, but not enough room. My main question here, is why are Americans so stupid? We are now the laughing stock of the world, and if I had to guess, I think Obama likes it. I am so livid that my children may not say the name of God, or talk about the Christmas story in school that I am in awe. Not because we have a leader who hates the people he ” leads”…(wink wink)- but because we as a country have let this go on so long. Why are people so afraid to voice their opinion on the worst president in history?


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