So if I was in the middle of teaching a parenting class I would use something like this as an example of what NOT to do to bring strong results in my children as they grow and learn….

( All people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, this “allegedly” is a video of a family of NINE using their 7 kids to STEAL from a Florida store. The video is a bit long so scroll through if you like.)

The discussion point here, is that teaching parenting skills can be nearly impossible, and ineffective if the mother and father are not ready to be parents. If this “alleged” event really took place, it has sabotaged these children’s futures already as thievery is being modeled for them. Regardless of what a teacher or counselor tells a child, if a parent is acting in an opposite direction, the teaching has a very high failure risk. Parents need to act more like parents. Nobody is perfect, but there is a line.



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