Does anyone believe that keeping guns from the good guys will help crime?

Does anyone believe that keeping guns from the good guys will help crime?

Children receiving gun training in a school dated 1956. Here is an actual photograph of how gun control was handled back in the day in Indiana, This year, 1956 the kids were trained in proper usage of guns and how to safely carry. The number of school shootings that year in Indiana? 0. I think hours could be spent on this topic, but let us make it simple.

Human nature desires what it cannot have. However most times, when you reverse that way of thinking by making it available, people find that the interest slowly dies down, unless there are some that truly want to learn about the topic. In the case of guns, I think educating children and helping them respect the gun, is a far better choice than hiding guns and acting like our kids cannot get one off the streets. Would you rather tell the children you are raising to stay away from guns and pray that they really do? Or would you find some comfort knowing that a professional is training them to treat any weapon as deadly and teaching them to respect guns?
I have been in that situation, having 5 children. The issue was not always guns, in my case it was one with guns, and then some motocross, and a little bullriding that my kids took interest in at very young ages. I embraced what they enjoyed, made sure they had the most protective gear possible, and have watched one become a champion marksmen through the sheriff’s department, and the teenager after 6 years, still riding bulls. I never “opted” them out of anything, but rather I exposed them to everything and let their own hearts be drawn to what it was they were interested in. Of course I was the one to select what things I exposed them to, so I actually had control. It is called freedom within limits. Everyone gets to feel like they are in charge!
I write this to encourage you NOT to try and shield your babies from the things of the world, but be with them when they encounter certain areas of life, and you be the one to explain it to them. They will get access to all that is out there, period. The choices they make later may have to do with how grounded they already are in what they are into.

Just something to think about!


Bullying prevention in Orange County- ” dozens” turn out.

People wonder why the bullying and thug life is growing at such a rapid rate with children and teens these days, kids are dying, getting shot, imitating violent videos thinking they could handle a life like the people acting in them. A 12-year-old recently jumped to her death after being bullied through Facebook and at school. Children are killing their parents. Parents are killing their own children.

Now comes the Orange County Public school system, much of Orlando Florida to offer parents a few pointers on prevention and detection of bullying. Thousands would be there, right? Dozens were there. Dozens.What a telling day about how much effort parents are making to make a change in this area. It is the sad reality of what is going on with our children and families today. Here is the article from WFTV about this event


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Memory loss and how people are coping. What are the options?

This is not about labeling a kid or anything, but it is a topic that has left people helpless, hopeless and wondering what to do. If you or someone you care about or even do not care about suffers from a disease that includes memory loss, you should know some things. The things to know are not taught in textbooks that I have read but things many people including myself have learned by first hand experience with others. It is a very hard and tragic thing to watch someone slowly lose their memory. Most troubling to me is the fact that at some point, for some period of time, the person realizes what is happening, and cannot control the process.

I am unaware of any sure ways to help this and it seems like much time and millions of dollars are spent to study this issue, with no real change in results. Actually, I know of about 5 people personally who suffer from memory loss, for a variety of reasons ranging from dementia to Parkinson’s disease to head trauma. The reason does not seem as important as the solution in my opinion. I do not endorse or guarantee any products specifically unless I have personally experienced the use of them. Even then I hesitate, although I have no hesitations about laying this out for everyone to share as a possible help in retraining brains or slowing degenerative disorders because I do not see medications working for everyone.

This is a very unique and well supported theory on how the brain can be trained to open new pathways or neurotransmitters rather than try to regain some control over the ones that have been used up, and are not functioning properly as it applies to the memory. I encourage anyone to check this out, it can be used for free, and it will apply to some better than others. One of the most well thought out plans I have seen to address memory loss. It proposes to get to the root issue and not use short solutions to simply delay loss of memory. By the way, it can be used by anyone at all, if you just want to rate yourself on how clearly and quickly you are thinking at this point in life. Hope it helps someone!


Suicide Solutions to bullying on the rise with teens.

This is a very sad story, and we had a recent girl do the same thing. How much is their peer influence and how much is lack of parenting? Today people are blaming anything from video games to teachers for their kids’ suicide. Do you think this really traces back to the security or lack of it the child had growing up?


Teaching children about what they have, not what they “want”!

I am always interested in what my children say they “want”. I enjoy tracing the want back to the root of the desire. Is it because all the other kids have it? Is it because they saw a commercial that influenced their decision? Maybe they came up with it on their own. However these wants come about, I always inquire as to why just to hear their response.

Often I will ask them if they would still choose the item they wanted…if they were the only person on earth. Usually it stumps them because most of what people do is find and want things that will either make them a part of a group or make them stand out in some way. So as they grow up, will they become independent thinkers, or followers? I believe the answer is yes. They will be independent in some ways and follow the crowd in some ways, but the million dollar question is who will set the bar for how much it is ok to follow and how much it is ok to be independent? Parents will.

As a parent, it does not matter what we decide to say or do, our children will find out. Most will have similar behaviors in some way as their parents. So how can we, as imperfect parents teach them how to have a good balance when it comes to what they “want”? I have found one way that seems to stop the wanting very much, and that is to teach children each day to name the things they have that really are important. Expose them to things and people in much more difficult circumstances, people that would love to have their life.

When I was early in my career working with teens, I saw my young sons were going through some testing periods, trying to push the set boundaries and complaining that the other kids have this or that. I decided to bring them to work a few afternoons when they were done at school or when I had a day off. I would not say anything, usually I would make an excuse why I needed to stop at the facility I worked at for expelled, violent offenders. A few times they would ask me what was wrong with the kids or why they acted out so much. This was my chance. I casually told them these kids for the most part did not have a father or mother to teach them social skills, or even right from wrong. If they did have parents around, they were learning from them how to do very bad things.

I continued on in different areas of life with them. I brought them to some rough places and towns that I worked in, and they were mostly silent as we would finish our times. I exposed them to children with very severe developmental disabilities, and had them help me care for them. This went on when I could, for a year or so, and I noticed a change in their desires. It was not always so much about them, but others. Now they are grown, and I feel confident if anyone needed help that they would be right there. Had I let them ramble on for years about what everyone else has, they may be still wanting, wanting, wanting. I believe when children are trained to realize how fortunate they are, trained to be thankful for a healthy body, a stable family, food, a safe place to live that they will be positive thinkers. People who make messages out of messes, and turn tests into testimonies.

Ask a child you are raising to name 5 things that they like in their life. If they have a problem, it may be time to re-train their brain! If they complain about what they do NOT have, show them what they do NOT have! Let them see the less fortunate, the others that are worried about food tonight. Sometimes a brief trip to a homeless shelter to help out or a senior center to talk can change the heart back to warm as they navigate through this icy cold hearted world we live in. Lets not let these kids be products of their environment, but products of their parents who instill core values in them from the get go!


How will the son or daughter you are raising turn out?

Looking for some feedback on how and what truly determines how our children will turn out as they come into adulthood. I have watched the absentee parent complain about their child and the behaviors, while they themselves were modeling the same wrong behavior. The “Do as I say, not as I do” thing is about 97% failure rate, and that is being generous.

So how do we juggle parenting with all the crazy acting out people are doing? How do you know that a child you are raising will not walk in one day and announce they are going to change sex, and that they want to be a wondering earth child? What would you say or do?

Today it is very popular for people to excuse wrong behavior by making it legal, or calling it genetic, or some other excuse. This is a dead end road folks! Soon you will hear bank robbers saying it is in their blood, so excuse the robbing. Where is the limit? How immoral will this world allow this thing to get? Are their ANY limits? If you had a son that said he was in love with a German Shepard, would you just “not judge and be supportive” ?

Boundaries. They must be set young and they must be enforced or this world will act as a powerful force against everything that we all believe is right and ethical. Kids today are adopting any sort of culture, or dress code, or click, or behavior simply to have some sort of identity. This is where us parents come in. This should have been instilled in them so they have a fair shot at making it in the world. Now it seems to be “Oh well” when we see crazy behavior from our own kids.