” Loved people …

” Loved people love people. Hurt people hurt people.” author unknown

So how do you feel? Loved, or hurt? How do our kids feel? This short quote speaks volumes about what is going on in our world today including parenting, bullying, and the way people view our society in general .The above quote will not solve all of life’s problems, but it sure opens up a whole new way of identifying why people may act the way they do. Is being a hurt person, and therefore hurting others, a disorder? Maybe a learned behavior? Stay tuned for more on the generational patterns we pass down to our children, and how it can give birth to bullying or how it can give birth to loving others.

We have anti-bullying campaigns blowing up everywhere. Is it really going to stop because some public pressure has popped up? I doubt it. How we treat others is many times a reflection of how we were treated, or at least our perception of how we were treated as we grew up. Should a child who was treated abusively be diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder because he or she is simply doing what was done to him or her? Is that avoiding the real issue at hand? These are things that are critical to think about when deciding to take a child who is acting out, in for any kind of evaluation. You may leave with medicine and a label. Once a label is in place, people tend to live up to the expectation that comes with a label. Am I saying that there should not be any diagnoses or psychologists, psychiatrists or medicine? Quite the opposite. I am pointing out just one of many factors to consider when deciding what the next step is for you.

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